Does your LinkedIn marketing need a SkyRocket shoving up its aaa…ctivity!

Let’s be honest, we all know that we should be doing more with our LinkedIn accounts and we all know that LinkedIn should be providing more sales leads … but we just don’t have the time, understanding or inclination!

In truth, making LinkedIn work does need regular effort – you need to post quality content from time to time … and, ‘be seen’ to be engaging on other posts.  BUT – you absolutely NEED to grow your connections too … and this is where the LinkedIn Connections SkyRocket service comes in (for anything else, we can introduce you to some amazing copywriters and digital marketers!).

The SkyRocket Service – an overview:

We provide a ‘deliberately-manual’ service (zero IT automation – LinkedIn would restrict your account if you did!) where, every workday, we log into your LinkedIn account and use the Advanced Search Tool to target specific demographics (location, industry, job title, etc) and then send out 40 personalised connection invitations per day.  You do not need a paid-for account – this tool is available to all.

Around 3 days later, for all newly achieved connections, we send a ‘gentle’ follow-up sales message and extract any available email addresses from these new connections – normally more than 97%!  We send you a list of new connections and their email addresses weekly.

After 4 weeks, we remove any unaccepted connections to keep your account clean and allow another connection attempt in the future.

On average, this takes around 40-45 minutes per day to complete and it’s all work you can do yourself if you have the time!

The results:

On average, we find that sending 200 connection requests a week delivers an average result of 42 new connections each and every week (some accounts achieve much more!).  Over a three-month period, this averages out to over 550 new connections – all receiving your follow-up sales message.

On average, we normally extract email addresses from 97% of these new connections for you to add to your email marketing efforts (subject to compliance with GDPR regulations!). 

And, of course, these new connections are also now potentially seeing your posts and activity on LinkedIn. 

Additionally, by being connected to them, they open up EVEN MORE 2nd degree connections to connect to!

Costs and commitments:

This is the easy bit … quite simply, we charge £50.00 per week per LinkedIn account to provide the complete service.  This is payable by Direct Debit on a pro-rata monthly basis.  We will invoice you on the 1st of each month and collect payment around the 15th of the month. 

To allow time for the DD administration processes, we request a one (1) month notice to cancel the service.  That’s it, no lock-ins, no minimum terms, just a basic rolling monthly agreement.

Want to know more?

If you would like to find out more about the SkyRocket service, or simply to get going and start SkyRocketing, please just:

LinkedIn really can help grow your business – we’d love to help you with a SkyRocket!

Throughout this site, you will find hints, advice, tips and free downloads – please make use of them all and let us know if you have any further suggestions or requests.

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