Marketing Strategy 121 Coaching Session


Marketing Strategy 121 Coaching Session – date and time to be mutually arranged



Yorkshire Powerhouse Marketing Consultancy Session:

If you can’t find the wood for the trees, we’ll bring a chainsaw!

We can’t all be experts at sales and marketing … yet it’s the #1 reason why businesses fail and it’s almost always because of a lack of blunt business strategy!

Why hold your business back by not taking your marketing seriously – join Stewart “Powerhouse” Leahy in a 2 hour 121 marketing consultancy session to sharpen up your business marketing and create a laser focus on sales activities!

Push or Pull?

What’s the difference between marketing and selling – in our view it’s as simple as understanding the difference between pushing and pulling.  Selling is definitely a ‘push’ activity and is normally an attempt to convince or persuade a prospect to buy from you.  Marketing, on the other hand, is all about understanding your customer, what their needs are, what your message should be (to resonate with their needs), how your ‘brand’ should present itself, what channels to communicate on and how to ‘pull’ prospects to your offer when they’re ready to make a purchase.

In truth, most businesses need to pull and push – but probably on an 80:20 ratio and possibly going even as far as 95:5!

The background

Stewart Leahy, the founder and operator of Yorkshire Powerhouse has been at the forefront of Business to Business (B2B) marketing strategy thinking for more than 20 years … with a vast experience prior to setting up the Yorkshire Powerhouse project, running a sales and marketing agency and advising thousands of SME businesses.

His approach is blunt, ‘Yorkshire straight-talking’ and always focused on getting results – take a look at his LinkedIn recommendations to see what others say about him!

The details

Stewart will guide you through a 2-hour session to discuss your business, your customers, your brand and your existing situation.  He will then provide suggestions for actions and ‘next steps’ to help provide a clean marketing strategy that will improve your approach to sales and marketing.  When it’s appropriate, he will also make valuable connections to other experts who could also contribute and support your journey.

The agenda:

  • Introduction
  • Understanding YOUR business
  • Identifying your perfect customer, customer profiles, messages, etc
  • Observations of current branding (corporate and personal!)
  • The basics of marketing
  • What ‘should’ your message be?
  • Identifying the right channels
  • Communication strategies
  • Final thoughts
  • Book your Marketing Consultancy session now:

If you would like to improve your marketing strategy then book now.  Stewart will contact you to arrange a convenient date and time.

The cost is simply £250.00 plus VAT.

The session will take place online using our Zoom license.

If you’ve not used Zoom before, please immediately go to and sign up (it’s FREE!) and download the Zoom App onto your computer, phone or tablet so that it’s ready to go

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