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Powerhouse Networking – Currently on hold!

It’s time to put the POWERHOUSE into your NETWORKING

CoronaVirus Update: Clearly in the current pandemic we cannot continue to hold physical meetings … BUT, we can still meet up, face-to-face and network our businesses using online conferencing … please visit to see the Yorkshire Powerhouse solution.

Let’s be honest … networking meetings can be ‘awful’ with too many obligations, too much cost & commitment, too many rules, not enough structure, too much structure, and so on – the list is never-ending! … Here at Yorkshire Powerhouse, we’ve decided it’s time to get the balance right.

POWERHOUSE NETWORKING meetings run for 2 hours and you will personally hand your cards to every other attendees during the Powerhouse Shuffle sessions, you’ll hear 3 x 8 minute Development Session (not sales pitches!) and have a buffet lunch.

For just £30.00 (incl. VAT) per meeting (there are no membership fees, just book and attend) you will meet 40 other quality businesses and you’ll walk out buzzing with energy, new contacts, ideas and opportunities.

Can I come for HALF PRICE?

If your business is listed in the GREAT Yorkshire Directory then we’ve already sent you a discount code to allow you to claim HALF PRICE AT ALL MEETINGS!  If you’re not yet listed in the Directory then why not start promoting your business and sign up here.

For all meetings, please ensure you arrive early for a cuppa so you can start getting to know people – you’ll be missing out if you’re late!

What exactly is the Powerhouse Shuffle?

In the room there are 4 tables (A, B, C & D) and you will be directed to one of these locations.

At each Powerhouse Shuffle session one speaker on each table will get 60 seconds to hand out their cards and present their business to the 9 other attendees – after a minute that speaker then moves to the next table to present for 60 seconds, etc.

We provide the structure and guidance, it’s that simple!

Take action now … click on the links below to book your place:

Please remember … if you’ve previously booked onto one of these events,
or are listed in the Directory, you need to log in to your account first.

Once we are able to book venues for meetings, dates will show here:

NCMM Conference Centre:

Caphouse Colliery, New Rd, Overton, Wakefield WF4 4RH

To Be Advised

To Be Advised

Village Hotel, North Leeds:

186 Otley Road, Headingly, Leeds LS16 5PR

To Be Advised

To Be Advised

Multiple bookings?

Please note … if you would like to book into more than one POWERHOUSE NETWORKING meeting, please simply use the ‘back’ button from the ‘Checkout’ page to return to this page to select and add other meeting dates to your booking.

“Super event Stewart, expertly hosted!” – Nigel Cliffe, Value Exchange

“A very enjoyable and enlightening event. I’ll be coming along to the next one for sure.” – Mark Currie, Catapult Films

“A productive concept – I have already made some productive connections!” – Mark Beaumont-Thomas, LexiconMarketing


Yorkshire Powerhouse Networking - Registration

Yorkshire Powerhouse Networking - Open Networking

Shuffle Sessions:

Yorkshire Powerhouse Networking - Shuffle Session

Yorkshire Powerhouse Networking - Shuffle Session


Yorkshire Powerhouse Networking - Development Session

Yorkshire Powerhouse Networking - Development Session


Yorkshire Powerhouse Networking - Refreshments

Yorkshire Powerhouse Networking - Refreshments

Don’t miss your place, book now as we limit the numbers to 40 attendees!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there any meetings outside of Leeds?

A: Not yet but we’re hoping to spread our wings over time – please simply let us know where you would like a meeting to be held – click this link to email us and we’ll make sure you’re updated when there’s news.

Q: Do I have to do a presentation?
A: Yes – but not to the whole room … at the most, you’ll be chatting with 9 other people within a Shuffle group and everyone in your group gets the same 60 seconds to explain about their business.  There’s no pressure, no silly clapping, no sitting down, no spotlights and so it’s a relaxed atmosphere for someone who’s not confident in pitching.  If you’re not used to networking, take a look at our advice articles- links below.

Q: Do you cater for special dietary requirements
A: We certainly try … as standard, our venues provide catering on a standard agreement to provide 30% vegetarian food (generally well accepted).  HOWEVER, if you have dietary requirements outside of this (vegan, gluten free, etc) then please let us know well in advance so we can inform the venue.  Telling us on the day is definitely too late and the venue is unlikely to be able to help at such a late point!

Q: What is the typical ‘size/type’ of organisation that attend these networking events?
A: The attendees tend to reflect the ‘normal’ business population of the UK with a handful of large businesses and the balance being made up of SME’s and sole traders … but with networking, it’s important to remember that sometimes, it’s not necessarily the person you’re talking to, they might be able to introduce you on (or could even be related to your dream prospect!). So keep an open mind!

Q: Is there a membership fee?
A: Absolutely not – we’re interested in connecting businesses, not making money for a head office function!  Any surplus simply goes to further promote the Yorkshire Powerhouse project to SME’s and pre-start businesses in the region.

Q: Can I be one of the Development Speakers?
A: Possibly!  Clearly being one of the three speakers is a great opportunity to raise your profile so here’s the deal.  1.) There needs to be a vacant slot to speak – contact us to check the meetings you are interested in. 2.) We ask you to contribute a little more to help cover the running costs – simply purchase two places rather than one (and if you’re lucky enough to have a discount code then the discount will apply to both places!). 3.) Your presentation must not run over 8 minutes and must not be a sales pitch. 4.) We discourage PowerPoint presentations (we want the content to engage more than a screen!) but if you do want to use a presentation, please provide it to us before the meeting and we will sort the technology!

Q: Do I need to bring or pass referrals?
Definitely not – we’re not a referrals organisation.  However, if you choose to build a relationship with another business owner and pass work to them, they will be very grateful (and that might be very useful to you!).

Q: What if I meet someone I don’t get on with?
A: That’s life … we operate Powerhouse Networking with an eye for quality so if someone attends a meeting and they’re upsetting others, they will get blocked from future meetings.  At least you won’t have to spend long with them as the Powerhouse Shuffle moves everyone around on a regular basis!

Q: If I make a booking and then change my mind can I have a refund?
A: More than 7 days notice: Our refund policy is simple … if you cancel in writing (below) more than 7 days before the specific networking meeting then we will refund 80% of your payment or you can ask to transfer your booking to another date/location and, if there are available places at this alternative date, we will be happy to transfer you without charge or penalty.  This 80% policy means we’re not out of pocket as a result of card processing fees.
A: Less than 7 days notice: If you cancel with less than 7 days notice then there is no refund available as we have already made commitments to the venue and printed name badges, arranged Shuffle rotations, etc. For all cancellation requests, please email

Q: Can I bring a colleague?
A: No … sorry, but we restrict the bookings to one person per business to allow 39 other businesses to come along too!

Q: I represent a charity/Chamber/Council/non-profit, etc – can I come for free?
A: Sorry, but no!  Our events are open to anyone and you would be most welcome but there are no free places available and you need to book on the same as anyone else.

Have you got a question that we’ve not answered here – please let us know and we’ll be happy to help – just email

Now you’ve read about the Powerhouse Networking meetings – have you any more questions?

Here at Yorkshire Powerhouse, we’re happy to help as much as possible – is there anything else we can do to help you, do you have any further questions or can we help introduce you to an expert – please let us know and use the links below for more support:

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