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Powerhouse “ZOOM” Networking – Book Now!

It’s time to “ZOOM” into online NETWORKING with YORKSHIRE POWERHOUSE

Let’s be honest … the CoronaVirus crisis is destroying businesses left, right and centre.  There has never been a time like it where ‘normal’ routines have ended, ruining the economy and forcing businesses into despair!

Here at Yorkshire Powerhouse, we’ve decided it’s time to take action, approach the crisis head-on and offer a sensible online networking solution that isn’t cringe-worthy!

POWERHOUSE “ZOOM” NETWORKING meetings run for 60 minutes and you will present your business to roughly 40 other businesses, you’ll hear 2 x 5-minute Development Presentations (not sales pitches!) and even have a Yorkshire tea break!

For just £5.00 (plus. VAT) per meeting you will meet 40 other quality businesses and you’ll end the session buzzing with energy, new contacts, ideas and opportunities.  There are no membership fees or long term commitments to make.  We even send you an attendee list which provides you with everyone’s name and LinkedIn URL’s to help you drive up those connections and follow-ups.

The “ZOOM” Agenda:

  • Introduction
  • 10 x 60 second presentations
  • 1st Development Slot
  • 10 x 60 second presentations
  • 3 Minute Tea Break!
  • 10 x 60 second presentations
  • 2nd Development Slot
  • 10 x 60 second presentations
  • Close

So … if you want to promote your business, make some noise, take on some business ideas and have a little fun, then put the POWERHOUSE into your networking diary and “ZOOM” into one of our online meetings soon.

Take action now … click on the links below to book your place/s:

Please remember … if you’ve previously booked onto one of our meetings, or if your
business is listed in the GREAT Yorkshire Directory, you need to log in to your account

Fri, 11th Sept

11:00am start – £5.00

POWERHOUSE NETWORKING - Sorry, but this event is now sold out!

Fri, 18th Sept

11:00am start – £5.00

Thur, 24th Sept

11:00am start – £5.00

Fri, 2nd Oct

11:00am start – £5.00

Thur, 8th Oct

11:00am start – £5.00

Fri, 16th Oct

11:00am start – £5.00

Thur, 22nd Oct

11:00am start – £5.00

Fri, 30th Oct

11:00am start – £5.00

More to follow…

Come back soon.

Powerhouse Zoom Networking - Watch this space!

More to follow…

Come back soon.

Powerhouse Zoom Networking - Watch this space!

I’ve got a discount code – will it work on these meetings?

Unfortunately not – at just £5.00 +VAT to attend a professional networking meeting (and with no membership fees to pay), it’s not worth doing it for less – we hope you understand!

Multiple bookings?

Please note … if you would like to book into more than one POWERHOUSE “ZOOM” NETWORKING meeting, please simply use the ‘back’ button from the ‘Checkout’ page to return to this page to select and add other meeting dates to your booking.

“Great new format Meeting. It was lovely e-meeting everyone” – Paula Punnett, PJP In Motion Limited

“Fab meeting today Stewart. I think it worked really well” – Larissa Bellamy, The Dance Mob

“I enjoyed that and I didn’t even need to leave my kitchen!” – Michael Harle, Northern Accountants

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there any physical face-to-face meetings being organised?

A: Once the current CoronaVirus crisis calms down we will resume our programme of physical meetings so watch this space!

Q: If I’m not in Yorkshire, can I join in?
A: Perhaps!  The aims of the Yorkshire Powerhouse project are to promote Yorkshire businesses in all their forms … if you have a head office elsewhere but are regularly in the area with strong connections to the region (with local clients, colleagues, etc) then feel free to get involved.  The ‘test’ is this … would you practically be a regular attendee at a physical meeting in the Yorkshire area – if not then, unfortunately, our networking meetings are not for you?

Q: What is the typical ‘size/type’ of organisation that attend these networking events?
A: The attendees tend to reflect the ‘normal’ business population of the UK with a handful of large businesses and the balance being made up of SME’s and sole traders … but with networking, it’s important to remember that sometimes, it’s not necessarily the person you’re talking to, they might be able to introduce you on (or could even be related to your dream prospect!). So keep an open mind!

Q: Is there a membership fee?
A: Absolutely not – we’re interested in connecting businesses, not making money for a head office function!  Any surplus simply goes to further promote the Yorkshire Powerhouse project to SME’s and pre-start businesses in the region.

Q: Can I be one of the Development Speakers?
A: Possibly!  Clearly being one of the speakers is a great opportunity to raise your profile so here’s the deal.  1.) There needs to be a vacant slot to speak – contact us to check the meetings you are interested in. 2.) We ask you to contribute a little more to help cover the running costs – simply purchase two places rather than one. 3.) Your presentation must not run over 5 minutes and must not be a sales pitch. 4.) We discourage PowerPoint presentations (we want ‘you’ to engage the audience more than a screen!) but if you do want to use the Zoom Screenshare feature, please let us know in advance.

Q: Do I need to bring or pass referrals?
Definitely not – we’re not a referrals organisation.  However, if you choose to build a relationship with another business owner and pass work to them, they will be very grateful (and that might be very useful to you!).

Q: What if there’s someone I don’t get on with?
A: That’s life … we operate Powerhouse Networking with an eye for quality so if someone attends a meeting and they’re upsetting others, they will get blocked from future meetings.  At least with online networking, you won’t be in the same room!

Q: If I make a booking and then change my mind can I have a refund?
A: More than 7 days notice: Our refund policy is simple … if you cancel in writing (below) more than 7 days before the meeting takes place then we will refund 80% of your payment or you can ask to transfer your booking to another date/time and, if there are available places at this alternative date, we will be happy to transfer you without charge or penalty.  This 80% policy means we’re not out of pocket as a result of card processing fees.
A: Less than 7 days notice: If you cancel with less than 7 days notice then there is no refund or booking transfer option available. For all cancellation requests, please email

Q: Can I book a second colleague to the same meeting?
A: No … sorry, but we restrict the bookings to one person per business to allow 39 other businesses to join in too!

Q: I represent a charity/Chamber/Council/non-profit, etc – can I join in for free?
A: Sorry, but no!  Our online meetings are open to anyone and you would be most welcome to get involved, but there are no free places available and you need to book on the same as anyone else.

Have you got a question that we’ve not answered here – please let us know and we’ll be happy to help – just email

Don’t miss your place, book now as we limit the numbers to 40 attendees!

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