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Let’s keep this simple … all you need to do is complete your initial payment and then we’ll do the rest!


Promoting your business through our Directory costs just £30.00 per month plus VAT – there’s no limit to how many categories you are listed in but a listing is for a single location.  We also offer a discount on listings if you would like to pay annually rather than monthly, charging just £300.00 per year (a £60.00 saving and, of course, only one invoice to process rather than 12!!!).

If you have multiple locations then please contact us to discuss your listing.

Once we receive your initial payment, we will set up your profile for you based on your website and/or LinkedIn profile.

We’ll send you confirmation that it’s done and access information to let you edit the listing if you wish to (or you can simply send amendments to us and we will apply them for you!) … it’s that simple.  Normally, your listing is complete, live and promoted throughout the Yorkshire Powerhouse website within 36 hours.

Help is available!

At any point, if you wish to discuss your listing, or simply need some help, please just get in touch.

Why should you advertise your business on Yorkshire Powerhouse?

If your business sells products or services to SME’s (growing businesses AND startups) in the Yorkshire region then you need to be in the GREAT Yorkshire Directory.

The Yorkshire Powerhouse provides THE busiest business advice website in the region, with well over 40,000 Yorkshire business owners and entrepreneurs visiting the site every year – we engage, educate and support the development of strong, professional SME’s who can trade, grow, recruit, and contribute to the region’s economy.

Our visitors spend an average of 1 minute 41 seconds on each and every page they visit, they download our free templates and they ask us for help.  We make it easy for them to take action and find a supplier to support their needs by listing businesses (randomly) on the sidebar of every advice page of the Yorkshire Powerhouse website.

If you’re not advertising, our visitors will see your competitors – it’s that simple!


Our terms are simple:

We review all requests received for any issues with your business reputation – this is normally done within 36 hours.  We provide no guarantee that we will publish your listing.  If we find unduly negative information on your business then we will decline to list you as we wish to protect our own reputation and protect our visitors.  In this instance, we will immediately inform you of this, refund your payment and cancel your subscription.  Our decision in this aspect is final and we will not enter into discussion should we choose to not accept your listing – although we will tell you why!

If you have alternative business names and/or locations to promote, each one should be entered and paid for separately (even if they do the same thing).  The basic principle is one listing promotes one business name at one address.

We absolutely guarantee visibility … and as much of it as we can generate.  However, we provide no guarantee that you will receive any business from your listing, merely that you will be listed in the directory as per your category selected, shown randomly on the Yorkshire Powerhouse site (in the sidebar on advice and top-level pages) and your category will be promoted, regularly in turn on LinkedIn.

There is no long-term contract!  It’s Yorkshire Powerhouse, we like to keep things simple!  If you want to end your listing then just let us know and we’ll cancel things for you.

Anything else you want to confirm?  Just ask!

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