Writing a Marketing Plan

“People are in such a hurry to launch their product or business that they seldom look at marketing from a bird’s eye view and they don’t create a systematic plan.” – Dave Ramsey

Let’s be clear, writing a marketing plan is not about fancy graphics and clever tag lines.

Decisions have to be made regarding the product or service being offered, the mix of good, better or best marketing practice with due consideration given to the competitors that you have to beat.

When you are writing a marketing plan, establishing your pricing position is vital.  More profit is made by great pricing plans than by cost cutting processes if you get this right.

Ensuring all aspects of the business match the marketing plan is a sure way to build success … high quality and high price positioning needs to be matched with excellent customer service, delivery and packaging standards to maintain consistency.

The marketing plan tends to be an internal plan, substance is more important than presentation.

Within this section of Yorkshire Powerhouse, we are addressing the issue of writing a marketing plan as part of your ‘whole business plan’ … within this section we will talk about strategic marketing, profiling your customer, defining your message, communicating your message and making your first sale.

However … within this website, we also have a much larger advice section dedicated to marketing which will provide more detail on a whole range of marketing related topics.  Within this larger section, we will provide thoughts on traditional marketing techniques vs digital marketing, website strategies, branding and much more.

Thinking of writing a marketing plan?

Download our marketing plan template


When writing a marketing plan, share it with every employee, investor and stake-holder available to you … marketing internally is so important.

Yorkshire Powerhouse thoughts on writing a marketing plan

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