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Be a goal getter not a goal dreamer

SMART goal setting is a globally renowned way to set goals but that really is just the tip of the iceberg.

The true purpose of goal setting is to motivate a person into Goal Direct Activity. That activity repeated in the right direction over a consistent passage of time will allow short term, then medium term and ultimately long-term goals to be successfully attained.

SMART Goals for a goal getter


When writing goals, a top tip is to write it in the tense as though you have achieved it. Then when you read these goals on a daily basis your subconscious starts to accept it as though it has already happened.

Here is an example of how short term, medium term and long term goals of the same goal could be written – in all cases, the end date is determined by the start date:

Work on setting your goals and vision

Click below to download a PDF worksheet to help you complete your business goals and visions:

Why Power worksheet front cover graphic

A short term goal (eg. 3 months, 13 weeks, 90 days – you choose!)

It is 31st September 2018 (Timely) and I have successfully introduced 30 new clients (Specific, Measurable & Attainable) or more into my new business (Relevant) each student is paying £19.95 a month

A one year goal

It is 1st July 2019 (Timely) and I have successfully introduced 30 new clients (Specific, Measurable & Attainable) or more into my new business (Relevant) each student is paying £19.95 a month

A three year goal

It is 1st July 2021 (Timely) and I have successfully introduced 30 new clients (Specific, Measurable & Attainable) or more into my new business (Relevant) each student is paying £19.95 a month

Top goal setters will then track their activity and set weekly goals for the acquisition of the clients they will attain.

If we re-visit the short term goal this business owner would like to have 30 paying customers within that time frame. 13 weeks is actually 65 work days so the goal is 5 per week.

The winners in life focus on the short term goals – so let us use short term goal as an example. It is easier to tick off the smaller wins that lead to bigger wins.

Whatever you do, don’t walk over the pennies to get to the pounds … collect the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves.

Setting SMART goals is an essential part of running a strong and profitable business – seek the help of an expert who can help you set, measure and ultimately achieve your goals.

Blunt advice on being a goal getter from Yorkshire Powerhouse

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