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Home or Premises

The numbers of people starting business from a bedroom at home are increasing as every year goes by, facilitated by home communication and developed IT products.  In Yorkshire, this tradition goes back to the Industrial Revolution where the wool industry was powered by home workers in weavers cottages – so the heritage is strong.

The effective use of a home office and the management of family and work commitments does require thought to make it work properly.  All family members need to be part of setting the rules and sticking to them to allow the business to flourish.

Taking on employees, customer meetings, storage needs, simple business growth and access for the public are all circumstances that drive business owners towards commercial premises.  Once this decision is made, the issues of leases, contracts, communications, signage, IT infrastructure, security, and more, all come into play.

In this section, we will provide some information on the different options available to you.  From working from home to considering commercial premises and the implications that follow.

In all these areas the adage of sign in haste, repent in leisure is so true.

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Research every commitment and use short term facilities over long leases if you can.  The needs of businesses change rapidly in the early days and legacy costs can be a real drag.

Thoughts on working from home or premises from Yorkshire Powerhouse

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