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Businesses Requiring Licences

Licences and registrations are applicable to many types of business and you need to know what is required to undertake your business activity.

A simple example might be the requirement of gaining a food hygiene certificate before you can open a sandwich shop but it could be far more specialised such as a company handling asbestos that requires special licences or a company needing permits to process certain types of waste.

Whatever the circumstances, you need to know if anything specific is required to enable you to undertake your day to day business activity.  If you need a licence then applying or registering well before you plan to start trading is a good idea.

If there is a trade association website which represents or supports your particular area of business, that is normally a good place to start with regard to finding out anything that will be required.  Remember – “I didn’t know I needed one” is not a defence.

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How to find out Businesses Requiring Licences

The UK Government website does have an excellent online tool that allows you to establish what licences are requires – to access this service please click on

If you need a licence then applying or registering well before you plan to start trading is a good idea.

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