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Compliance Considerations

It is so important for an entrepreneur to concentrate on growing and building their business. However, to do this with no distractions, the foundations of good compliance must be in place.

Food handling, food retailers or restaurants must deal in food hygiene, whatever the business the Health and safety regulations and good practice are a core requirement.

Products sold and supplied must meet safety standards, whether this be electrical goods or toys.

Furniture must comply with fire regulations.

Tradesmen must conform to building standards.

It is really easy to think of these rules and red tape as barriers, but by the best way to build a business is to embrace them and spend time and effort on becoming a genuine expert in your sector. It is possible to then market that expertise and give your customers added reassurance, even creating a competitive advantage against competitors who ‘don’t think’ to mention their compliance standard.

In the area of compliance there is no substitute for knowledge gained through learning … take advice from others including the regulation bodies themselves, they are educators as well as enforcers.

Compliance Considerations from Yorkshire Powerhouse

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