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Are you backing up your company data? It’s easy to do, cost-effective, and it’s the law!

Data backup is one of those tasks that is often overlooked, sometimes with disastrous consequences. Because businesses hold data in different places, the thought of backing up these different locations can seem overwhelming, complicated or expensive.

The reality is that it doesn’t have to be and with a little planning, you can create a simple backup which encompasses all your data.

Firstly, you should know what specific data you need to backup. Examples of data would include emails, customer database, pictures, letters, accounts etc. Data is stored in various locations depending on the type of application. Some applications store data on remote servers, whilst others store the data locally on your computer.

There are 3 main options for backing up

1. Backup to media

In the distant past, backing up was long-winded and very time-consuming. Your data was painstakingly backed up to a plethora of media such as tape, floppy disk and CD. We now have the very useful USB drive. The USB (Universal Serial Bus) is a digital media that is able to store data, not only thousands of times greater in volume than a tape or disk, but with a transfer speed that is lightning fast.

Backing up your data manually or with software to a USB drive is the most basic form of backup but still effective. By copying the different data folders, the data is stored in a readable format on the USB drive. This method is a very effective way to ensure your data is copied to another media, but it does have limitations. Generally, data has to be over-written in bulk, backups are sometimes forgotten and as USB drives are not infallible, there is still a risk of damage or corruption.

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2. Off-site Backing up

With the increase in internet speeds, off-site backup is now commonplace and is used by the majority of businesses. Essentially, your data is copied to an online server and is normally performed daily. A simple piece of software provided by the backup company will ensure all data is copied to their servers at a time stipulated by the user. The backup company will also replicate your data on a backup server to ensure against possible loss. Costs vary depending upon data size but can be as low as £10.00 per month

3. File Hosting Backup Solutions

Depending on the size of your business, an alternative to manual or automatic backup, is to use a file hosting or cloud backup solution. These are more well known by their brand name such as Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive etc.

The advantage of this file hosting approach is that no manual or automatic backup is needed. The off-site version of your data is synchronised with a local copy on your PC. Again, your data is held on the providers’ server but is duplicated to other servers, ensuring your data can never be lost. Costs start at around £8.00 per month

Whatever method of data backup your company adopts, you should ensure data from all computers within your business are included. Under GDPR legislation, failure to protect your data from loss is classed as a serious breach and could involve large fines. If you lost your data today, could your business survive? What would the labour cost be to replace your data? Backup is cheap and effective. Be safe now, to avoid being sorry later.

Take expert advice on the best data backup solution for your business – make sure you understand it and then set up a routine test to ensure you genuinely can get your data back!

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