Why you absolutely need Multi Factor Authorisation!

Why you absolutely need Multi Factor Authorisation!

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Life used to be so simple. You needed to do stuff. You typed in your username followed by your password and you were in! The world was your oyster. But with the increasingly threatening cyber environment that we live in, we are not as secure as we might once have been.

We no longer simply require desk-based security. Increasingly, we demand access to our information remotely from many platforms; at different worksites, from home and increasingly on the move. This causes problems. How do you make sure that your business remains secure when access points continue to expand and attacks come from an ever-increasing number of sources?

Your hardware access requirements continue to expand but your security systems stand stock still. How can you ensure that your users maintain safe and secure access to business-critical applications throughout these multiple workplace channels? One answer is Two Factor Authorisation.

Two Factor Authorisation

Two Factor authorisation or 2FA is a protocol in which a user can only gain access to business-critical information after successfully presenting a second or additional piece/s of evidence (or factor).

Factor 1:

What do you know already? This is usually your username and password. But how do you make this functional across your ever-expanding number of workplaces? It needs to be used in combination with another security factor…

Factor 2:

This generates a unique randomly generated ‘one-time-password / passcode’ via a mobile app using something that only the user has – often their mobile phone.

The Future is Multi Factor Authorisation!

The cyber threat continues to evolve and expand. Passwords remain the single weakest security link in any working environment and are a considerable security threat. Indeed, password security issues are the most ubiquitous threat and are frequently associated with considerable negative impacts on the business bottom line.

In association with Microsoft, Yubico has developed a system that offers ‘passwordless’ access for organisations of all sizes and levels of platform demand. It crosses multiple generations of technology offering a simple one-stop solution successfully addressing business demands across supported platforms.

How Does it Work?

Yubico has developed the YubiKey which fits into a standard USB port. A simple touch of the key proves that you are human and not a remote hacker. The multi-protocol YubiKey instantly protects access to computers, networks, and online services. For mobile devices such as phones, near-field communication technology allows a simple tap on the phone to complete authentication.

With the expanding threat to global security, the YubiKey represents a step-change in IT defence.

A Yubikey offering allows…

  • Access over multiple protocols
  • Ease of use at all system access points
  • Simple and robust business security
  • Advanced ‘phishing’ protection
  • Speedy access (up to 4 times faster)
  • Reduction in password support by up to 92%

Good luck with your IT security planning.

Speak to an IT expert today and ask about the solution that will fit you and your business’ requirements.

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