How to Keep Your Computer Healthy

Working from Home? Here’s How to Keep Your Computer Healthy

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Recent events have served to highlight the need for a healthy computer when working from home. If we’re to perform well when working in the office, we rightly expect the best tech support and most up to date hardware.

But when working from home, we’re used to settling for less. Our old familiar laptop with its idiosyncratic keyboard and dodgy mouse can happily be used for the occasional work-related e-mail or to catch up on team meeting minutes. Or maybe even half a day working from home at a push!

So, for many people, the change of status to working from home on a permanent basis has highlighted the need for reliable home computing.

If you are working from home right now, increased usage will reveal weaknesses in your system. Maybe the following will sound familiar:

  • Being late for Zoom meetings due to slow boot-up
  • Colleagues sounding like Daleks when contributing to video conference meetings (or indeed being told that you sound like one yourself!)
  • Increased workload due to poor processing power for bigger files
  • Software incompatibility
  • Upgrade Issues
  • Data Security Issues when handling sensitive, work-based documents

Simple Solutions to Keep Your Computer Healthy

Video Conferencing

If you are required to attend a video conference, it is best to be well prepared. Make sure your notes are prepared well in advance. Include any questions that you may wish to ask the host or other colleagues in the call. A small investment in basic audio/visual equipment, webcam, microphone and headset will ensure a hassle-free experience.

Keep your Computer Updated

This won’t necessarily require a big spend but just like your own physical health, a healthy computer does require regular maintenance.

Windows and Mac patching updates are essential to maintaining a safe, smooth-functioning computer. Lack of attention in this area can leave your system fundamentally exposed to attack from malware and other cyber-attacks.

Any outdated software not only lacks functionality – it also represents a significant security risk. Vulnerabilities in old software make your computer more open to attackers.

Running CCleaner can help by updating your software and therefore closing the gaps in your PC’s defences. It also frees up space, clears your online tracks and helps you to manage the performance of your machine.

Optimising Processing Power

Here are some easy operational tips that will boost your computer’s performance:

  • Delete programs you use infrequently
  • Limit how many programs run at startup
  • Clean up your hard disk
  • Run fewer programs at the same time
  • Turn off visual effects
  • Restart regularly

Memory and Storage Upgrades

A simple way to make sure you have sufficient processing capacity is through a memory upgrade.

Increased performance will speed up the rate at which your computer processes information and make your tasks more fluid and easier to perform.

Another way to improve the speed of day to day tasks, consider upgrading the internal hard drive to a solid-state drive. The drive in your computer is where the programs and data are stored, upgrading to a solid-state drive in most cases, will see a significant improvement to the computer’s overall performance.

(always ensure you have a reliable backup before undertaking any such upgrade)

Data Security

When handling sensitive data from home, it is essential that your computer is secure and free from cyber-attack. Investing in quality Anti-virus software is essential and will ensure your computer’s defences are routinely protected against malware and phishing attacks.

Another alternative is to create a VPN or Virtual Private Network. This creates a private “tunnel” through the internet. This ensures that sensitive data is encrypted throughout its journey and can thus be passed to your computer safely as though you were working in the office itself.

Is Your Work from Home Computer Up to the Job?

Ultimately, challenging times call for change. Simple, relatively inexpensive solutions will mean that you are able to meet the challenge confidently.

Seeking professional advice will ensure your business’ IT systems – and therefore your data – receives the best – and most cost-effective protection. Can your business afford a data breach?

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