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Why Your Business Needs Cloud Back-Up

Editors Note: Expert content needs an expert content writer and Yorkshire Powerhouse is pleased to publish this business advice article on Cloud Back-Up thinking, kindly written by a real expert in his field – James Bulley from Calder IT.

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We all know the feeling – that sinking, horrifying realisation that a piece of work that you’ve slaved away on for hours has vanished into the technological ether… gone for good.  Nevertheless, you search frantically for it, poring through every file and folder, with every passing moment serving to confirm that it really is irretrievable. It doesn’t really matter how this happens – whether the document wasn’t saved properly or if it was accidentally deleted – it is always a painfully demoralising (and often costly) experience.

The Impact of Data Loss

But what could the potential impact be if your business lost hundreds of important files? Think for a moment about what would happen if a mass of your business’ documents were suddenly – and unexpectedly – lost.

Losing data can potentially have extremely damaging effects on your business – not exclusive to the following points:

  • Wasted man hours (and therefore money)
  • Loss of important (and sensitive) data
  • Business disruption
  • Reputational damage

Unfortunately, many businesses are at risk of this happening to them – and unwittingly too! So, why is this?

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A Common Misconception

Users of Microsoft Office 365 and G-Suite, in particular, may be surprised to learn that although their files are stored ‘in the cloud’, this data is not backed up. So, if a document is accidentally deleted, it really is gone!

Consider just how vulnerable your cloud-based files actually are. Let’s assume a large proportion – if not all – of your workforce uses your business’ cloud-based platform. It only takes a single user error (or indeed a rogue employee) to cause havoc by deleting an important file. Of course, simple measures can be introduced to prevent documents from being deleted. However, this is no substitute for cloud-based data backup, which should form an integral part of any modern IT system.

Furthermore, whilst Microsoft and Google both operate with extremely high standards, even these tech-giants are not immune to service errors; although your data is stored in the ethereal-sounding cloud, this is ultimately a physical server. Things can go wrong – and from time-to-time they do!

Areas for Concern Within Your Network

Internal service errors and data migration errors are potential areas for concern within your business’ computer network. Similarly, hacks and security breaches could wreak havoc on your documents – whether they are in the cloud or not.

But I Already Back-Up to a Physical Hard Drive!

Whilst physical back-ups of your company’s data can form a part of a ‘belt and braces’ approach to data security, this approach should never be used on its own. Physical back-ups are vulnerable to hard-drive damage, and they do not allow for the ‘syncing’ of live documents.

Implementing an Effective Cloud-Based Back-up Solution

It doesn’t matter what software or systems you use on your business’ computers; you really should have an effective and reliable cloud-based back-up plan in place.

Where possible, seek professional advice to get the best solutions for your needs. Professionals should complete an audit of your existing computer network before recommending appropriate actions and systems to improve your data security.

A good back-up system will make all of your business’ data safe; you will be able to sleep well at night, safe in the knowledge that a watertight safety net is in place.  Find an expert who can help you implement, test and maintain such a solution.

Straight talking advice on Cloud Back-up solutions

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