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Running your own home business vs being employed – some thoughts

Editors Note: Expert content needs an expert content writer and Yorkshire Powerhouse is pleased to publish this business advice article on running your own home business, kindly written by a real expert in his field – Mark Harris, THE Home Business Expert.

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People make the decision every day to work for themselves. But why? Why would you take the risk?

After all, our parents, grandparents, friends and family have told us most of our lives that getting a good job, with a great company is the thing to do. You have job security; mortgage companies will like it, you get career prospects, set working hours, at least 25 days holiday (excluding bank holidays of course) and an excellent pension to retire on. Or do you?

Jobs for life?

Many people in the UK right now are concerned about their jobs, they have been placed on furlough and have no idea if they will be returning. If they do return, in what capacity? Will it be reduced hours, a new working environment or with half the team they worked with before? Will they be expected to work harder for less money, more unsociable hours to help adhere to social distancing rules.

Or even worse, made redundant.

How many people do you know who have had to change the company they work for to earn more money to get ahead. How many people do you know who have had to completely change their career to make more money to provide for their family? It may even be you!

So why work for yourself?

You could argue right now that ‘risky’ is the new safe!

You still need to plan carefully for a strong home business

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If you have your own business, you’re in control of the outcome, your future. It’s not down to other people. Your success and results are 100% your fault. That’s a good thing!!! You can’t be made redundant; you can choose the flexible hours to fit in with your life. You get to decide how much money you make and in what way.

Being able to take responsibility for your life is one of the most enlighting things you can do.

Let’s think about this for a second. Imagine what your life could be like if you were able to choose how much time you could spend with your family and friends; fit the work in around your hobbies and your fitness programs. Work wasn’t that journey of boredom that left you just managing. It all sounds wonderful, right?

So why don’t more people do it?

Well, fear and self-doubt for one. To be 100% responsible for your future does take a level of self-belief. It would be best if you also had a “burning desire” to do things differently, to make that change. To help with this, you need a plan, a clear vision, know where you are going and how you are going to get there. Understand that every day will be a learning day, and that will never change. Things will go wrong, and the buck stops with you! You have to find a solution.

It’s not necessarily easy, but it can be worth it! After all, anything in life that’s worthwhile comes at a price. That could be in money, time, risk, effort or commitment.

There are always ways to make it simpler and reduce the risks and this section of the Yorkshire Powerhouse website is dedicated to helping you make the right decision for you and balance your risks.

Making the leap to running your own home business can be daunting so seek the advice and support of expert advisors who are willing to help you and offer their experience and knowledge.

Business advice on running a home business from Yorkshire Powerhouse

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Mark Harris - Home Business Expert

Mark Harris - Home Business Expert

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