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Good luck with your plans.

Welcome to the planning section of Yorkshire Powerhouse – a business plan, in all its elements, is an essential part of preparing for and launching a business – or even growing and developing and exiting one.

At its top level, the process of planning a new venture and considering all the pros and cons of self-employment is essential. You would normally start mulling an idea, thinking about your goals and visions, but eventually you should start taking these thoughts and formalising them … with the logical end result being a formal business plan which you then, perhaps, reduce back down to a single page business plan which becomes more useful day-to-day.

A business plan can come in many forms and be for many purposes, but the single most important thing is that it is real … that it is a representation of what you actually want to do and intend to do.

Your plan is likely to change over time and through events, but the principles, vision and ethics of the business you create should shine through and be an immovable foundation.

Within this section, we provide you with guidance from pre-planning your idea, to writing your planfinancial planning and writing a marketing plan – you want to get your first customer don’t you?

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When thinking about your plans, be realistic about your own abilities! If you’ve never written a plan before then ask for help – accountants, bank managers and business coaches & consultants all offer their support and expertise to help guide you through this phase and remember to download our planning templates for free!

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Developing Your Business Idea

Business Idea

Ideas are frequent, having an idea that can be turned into a viable business is less frequent, but not impossible.

Protecting your confidential ideas with an NDA

Protecting your confidential ideas with an NDA

The purpose of a NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) is to allow you to share confidential information without concern that they will ‘spill the beans’

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