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Selecting a Mentor

The key attributes of a good mentor are:

  • Experience, been there, done it, self confident.
  • Good facilitators, they don’t teach or push.  They let their client know what there is to learn and help them develop their own skills.
  • They are better listeners than they are talkers.
  • They understand that they are genuinely there to help.

Also see the articles we’ve prepared on Mentoring and What a mentor does for more detail.

In selecting a mentor it is very difficult to establish the objectives from the outset, particularly as they will (and should!) change with time.  Also neither the mentor nor the client at the time of selection can know truly where the help is needed.

Personal chemistry is very important, talk to a number of potential mentors before deciding on your guide for the world of business.

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Google really shouldn’t be the first place to go when selecting a mentor.  We would recommend that the most obvious route to finding a mentor suitable for your specific needs is to ask people you know and trust first for recommendations.  If this doesn’t produce results then the next best place is to get out there and network – good mentors frequently attend networking meetings because they enjoy keeping in touch with their contacts.  Through networking, you get to meet them without having to make any commitment.

Many mentors will be happy to meet and chat with you initially without charge – this is because they are as keen to assess you and you will be to assess them!  Take advantage of this initial consultation and seek to get a feel for them.

In the world of a mentor a satisfied end-client is everything; take time over careful references and focus on what they achieved for the client that they would not have without his mentor.

Thoughts on selecting a mentor from Yorkshire Powerhouse

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