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Working on the Business / in the Business

If ever there was a ‘clever dick’ statement it’s the “you are too busy working in the business to work on the business”.  Usually aimed by an ‘elder statesman’ at a business owner who is frantically attempting to collect enough cash to meet next month’s payroll or pay the next bill.

Then there are the clever cartoons of a Knight with a sword ignoring the machine gun salesman on the eve of battle.

There is though, undeniable truth in the power of careful planning, advance decisions and then execution … all with a view to strategic underlying principles and not to the vagaries of a particular day’s stress and strains.

There is also huge benefit to be gained from standing back periodically and with good support and advice just checking you know why you are in business, what the end goal is and where any frustrations are stemming from.

It is vital though that this reflection is done as part of a managed process with preparation, the right participants and a conclusion.  Thinking about things whilst walking the dog may be helpful, but it is not the best way!

Here at the Yorkshire Powerhouse, we believe that we provide a business owner with the tools and resources to help with working on the business … think about your planning and strategy:

Thinking about working on the business?

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We believe that a business owner should regularly take a small amount of time out of the day-to-day business to genuinely work on the business.  For a ‘stable business’ perhaps half a day per month would be suitable for this – but for a struggling business, perhaps half a day per week is in order.

Working on the business can be a lonely job and it’s always easy to delude yourself.  We recommend seeking expert mentoring or coaching to help you gain independent thought and opinion.  It might be painful support but better that, than losing the business!

The world is full of business leaders struggling to survive simply because they can’t think of anything better to do.  Continued struggle is inevitable unless you stop, think and change.  There is no fairy godmother so seek expert help and take the time to work on your business.

Thinking about working on your business the Yorkshire Powerhouse way

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