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Five business coach questions to ask if you want to find a good one!

Every business owner at one time or another will feel they need more support, guidance or advice to grow their business. They may feel tempted to hire in a professional coach, consultant or mentor, but how do you choose the right one for you?

Well, here are five great questions to ask which can help you assess their suitability and credentials for you and your business:

Business coach questions:

Question 1: Have you set up and run a successful business?

Ideally you want to find someone who is both qualified and experienced in both coaching and running their own business.

So, check on their track record, look them up on LinkedIn, do they have recommendations from other businesses? How long have they been operating? What do other people you know say about them? A good coach or mentor will be more than happy to discuss their own business history and the marketplaces they have operated in.

Question 2: How do you work?

There is a significant amount of variety in how coaches and mentors work.

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Many coaches tend to ask lots of powerful questions to enable you to find your own answers, whereas mentors look to give you lots of relevant business advice and guidance, based on their experience.

Ideally, though, you should look for someone who can take both approaches, as this can really give you the complete support package as it tends to be much more tailored to your individual needs.

Question 3: Do you have a defined coaching programme or something more individual?

Again, some business coaching will offer a very defined coaching programme, which will focus on the typical areas a business needs support with, e.g. Vision, Strategy, Business Forecasting, P&L, Sales and Marketing etc.

Other coaches will design something bespoke to you and your business. This may involve doing work on you as well as your business, looking at your individual skillset and confidence in building your business.

Ensure the coaching proposal is completely right for you before you commit, this may involve working with your coach to design our own coaching programme.

Question 4: What results have you achieved for your clients?

Good coaching should have a measurable impact and there should be case studies and metrics to support this. Any competent coach will be delighted to talk about what they have helped clients to achieve, don’t be afraid to ask!

Question 5: How much is this going to cost?

Coaches and mentors will offer different packages and prices. Some like you to sign up for a minimum period or work on a retainer basis. Some just charge per session. Ensure you check out the different ways of working and, if possible, try before you buy!

Remember, though, to get the best out of hiring a coach or mentor takes commitment from both parties so make sure you are committed to both the coaching sessions and doing the things you say you’ll do. In this way, you stand the very best chance of seeing a swift return on your investment.

Good luck!

Running a successful business is extremely hard work and a good coach can help you achieve unbelievable results but you do need to find one you can work with – be picky,  ask these business coach questions and remember that you’re paying the bill!

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