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Five business coach questions to ask if you want to find a good one!

From time-to-time, we all need help in our business planning or growth development but how do you decide who to trust.  Use these 5 simple business coach questions to allow you to assess coaches and decide whether they will help your business:

Business coach questions:

Question 1: Have you set up and run a successful business(es)?

You want to find someone who has practical business experience not just the theory or a coaching qualification. Also have their business lasted … 9 out of 10 businesses fail so someone who has run a successful business long term has a proven track record.

Question 2: Do you give advice and ideas or is your style to ask questions?

Good business coaching is not like counselling where generally you find the answers within yourself. Yes, it is important to have a coach who can ask powerful questions to help you with your thinking but you also want someone who can contribute ideas and the learning they have from their experience.

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Question 3: Do you have a coaching programme you follow or is it bespoke to what I need?

Good business coaching does not have a prescriptive agenda and programme but has the flexibility to respond to what you need. If you have an urgent issue in your marketing to address you don’t want to have to have a coaching session about finances because that is what the pre-set programme dictates.

Question 4: Do you have expertise, skills and experience across all elements of running a business and various market sectors?

Good business coaching should be able to help you across every element of running a business successfully. You want to be able to access insights from different sectors as well as different functional areas such as accounting and new product development. Ideally if you can access more than one person with differing skills and experience this is a bonus in business coaching.

Question 5: What results have you achieved for your clients?

Good business coaching should have a measurable impact and there should be case studies and figures to support it. While there may be issues of confidentiality a good coach should return results higher than their actual fee and should clearly deliver tangible outcomes that improve a business as agreed with the client.

Running a successful business is extremely hard work and a good coach can help you achieve unbelievable results but you do need to find one you can work with – be picky,  ask these business coach questions and remember that you’re paying the bill!

Blunt advice on using business coach questions from Yorkshire Powerhouse

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