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Act fast, but not in haste

Editors Note: Expert content needs an expert content writer and Yorkshire Powerhouse is pleased to publish this business advice article on coaching and dealing with change, kindly written by a real expert in his field – Andrew Miller from Business Enjoyment.

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When things come crashing down around our ears, it is very easy to enter paralysis or to fall into “The Inaction Trap”. This can sometimes be down to still being in denial and so not believing that it’s necessary to do anything. And sometimes it’s because we’re scared to take a step in any direction, in case it’s the wrong one.

The key thing, however, is to keep moving.  The slower we are to react, the more in danger we are.

That does not mean, of course, that you should take knee jerk, thoughtless action. Instead, slow down, breathe and start listening to your intuition.

How to Act fast, but not in haste:

Assess the situation and try things out, whether they work or not.  Even if that action is to ask for help – no-one ever got accused of asking for help too soon.

By not taking control of the situation, the situation will control you.

Besides, as the old saying goes, if all routes look the same as each other, then it doesn’t matter which one you pick, as long as you pick one.

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In these particular circumstances, we might feel that it’s wrong to carry on with our business when other people are possibly even worse off than we are.

You tell me one person who you care or love about that would want you to give up on what you’re doing and spend all your time worrying about them. By all means, have the conversation with them and absolve any guilt worries you may have, but you will be doing them a disservice by damaging yourself through worrying about them.

In the first instant, focus on the things you can control or influence.

If you need to take that mortgage holiday, get your rent deferred, hold off on paying the utilities, then get then start the conversations.

Speak to your existing customers and start exploring different options. If you’re worried they might drift away because of money concerns, then think about what you can do to give them extra value without crippling yourself in the process.

What can you do to adapt your process and delivery service to make sure you can still give them what they need?

If it’s impossible to do what you normally do, then give thought to what new things you can do, new platforms, new opportunities.

Action creates movement, which creates momentum, which creates opportunities – find an expert who can support and coach you, to help you on your journey.

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