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3 Truths no one tells you when you start a business

In a world where so much advice, guidance and information is there at the press of a button, starting and running your own business should be more straightforward than ever. However, while there truly is some fantastic help out there (including on this website!), it’s easy to be swamped by it all, leaving the business owner to ask, what really is important?

Having spent almost 30 years supporting small enterprises, we know, in reality, there are only a very tiny number of absolutes which are vital when it comes to successfully running a business.

The irony is that you won’t easily find these principles on the internet. While there is a plethora of wisdom on sales, service, marketing, networking, social media, digital presence, planning, budgeting, borrowing, doing this doing that, running here, there and everywhere  the simple things are kept hidden away, which is a shame, as if you know and get these, everything else in business suddenly gets a whole lot simpler.

So, here are the 3 truths no one tells you:

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It’s not all about you.

One of the scariest things business owners find when starting out is the seeming fact that they are suddenly on their own. At first, this may feel like a blessing, especially if you’ve left a job you disliked, or are looking forward to bringing your wonderful business idea to fruition. But then the reality sets in and you begin to believe that if you’re not at your desk from dawn until dusk your business will never move forward.

This is so not true. There are many factors involved in how quickly a business grows and becomes successful and you are just one of these factors.

What’s happening around you politically, economically, socially, technologically, legally and environmentally can all have a significant impact on your business growth. And, if we’re honest, luck plays a part in all of this, too.

What does this mean? It means that you don’t need to work 24/7. Decide on the hours you’ll work in your business and do those hours, then relax. It also means that you won’t always be able to link your personal efforts to your business’ growth. Effort is important, yes, but so is not making any effort too, which brings us on to:

It’s OK to procrastinate (sometimes!)

The prevailing ‘wisdom’ is that it’s not good to “let the grass grow under our feet” and for that reason, many business owners become “busy fools”. However, the reality is that it’s extremely healthy to find time and space to not work in the business. The reasons for this are twofold. First, we all need rest and relaxation and if you’re a business owner you need even more. However, the second and more important reason is that when we create space for ourselves, we allow our creative side to come more to the fore. So many business owners report that they get their best ideas and inspiration when they’re taking time out, walking the dog, playing golf, having a spa session etc. So, don’t beat yourself up about making sure you get plenty of “me” time, that’s often where the magic happens. Speaking of which:

All it takes is practice

The famous American magician, Teller (of Penn and Teller) once defined magic as simply spending more time practising something than anyone would reasonably expect. Ultimately the main thing which will define how successful you are in business is, how good are you at what you do?

Being a professional requires practice, if you look at people at the top of their game, whether in business, sport or the arts, they’re people who work really hard to be the best they can be at what they do.

What does that mean in your job? How do you excel at what you do? What can you do better? All questions to ask yourself on a regular basis.

So, in conclusion, to help you cut through all the advice out there, we believe in keeping it really simple. Focus on being the best you can be at your profession, take plenty of time off and remember that there are so many other factors, beside you, which will determine your ultimate success. All you need to do is enjoy the ride!

Seeking out support through coaching or mentoring to help your business journey can be a worthwhile investment in both time and money – seek out a professional advisor who you can work with and benefit from to help you keep things simple.

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