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Business Coaching

When you run a business, it’s sometimes hard to see the wood for the trees. You know your product or service is good, and you know that it has the potential for great things.

When it comes to making that happen, bringing in business coaching can be an invaluable source of support and motivation. Below, we look at the reasons why working with a business coach could be the best move you make.

Business Coaching brings Accountability

Running a business can be a complex affair. Set apart from doing what you love and making your own rules, is the actual making of a living.

Promises to yourself are easily made and even more easily broken, but if you have pitched your ideas to someone who is committed to helping you achieve, your motivation to fulfil your goals will undoubtedly soar.

A business coach is there to ensure that you are held accountable to yourself and your product or service. They will work hard to keep your focus on the mechanics of your business. They will challenge you to show a return on investment, to demonstrate an increase in sales and to ensure that you are widening your customer base with every decision you make.

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Business Coaching brings Capability

You believe that you have the makings of a great business, but the only way that you can truly know what you are capable of is to be pushed to your limits and be forced out of your comfort zone.

In business, stagnation is as common as it is destructive. Even businesses at the top of their game have fallen foul of inspiration inertia, and the effects are widely felt.

James Cash Penney said it best, “Growth is never by mere chance, it is the result of forces working together.”

A business coach will keep ideas flowing and spirits high. You will engage in brainstorming sessions, look at marketing strategies and ultimately turn your own beliefs and thoughts into a business plan that works without compromising on your core values.

Business Coaching brings Objectivity

Your business is personal to you; you have an emotional connection to it that is impossible to shake. This is a positive thing; it’s important for your passion to be reflected in your products and services.

Sometimes though, you have ideas, plans and dreams that are so much a part of you that you cannot see any potential flaws. What feels like a clear path forward very quickly descends into a muddle of ideas with no core strategy to progress.

What you need is objectivity. A business coach will take the time to know you, your business and your target market, and they will approach it from a different perspective.

A good coach does not judge, because judgement is intrinsically biased. However, you need to hear when things are not perfect, when something is not working and when changes have to be made.

A business coach is there for YOU. They are one hundred per cent in the moment with you and are dedicated to your business concepts. If those concepts are not working, your coach will show no fear in telling you, because a good business coach wants to see you succeed and wants your business get the results it deserves.

Ultimately, a successful relationship between you and your coach will make a formidable team. You will connect dots that you never knew existed and the result will be impressive.  So when it comes to seeing results, ask not what your business can do for you, but what you can do for your business. The answer? Hire a business coach.

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