Advertising & Graphic Design - the AIDA principles

Advertising & Graphic Design – the AIDA principles

Advertising; the FOUR main principles you need to consider …

OK, it’s that time where you need to create adverts for your business, either a press advert or even digital adverts to run online across your social marketing channels. As you sit there and ponder whether to go for ‘out and out’ pure sales or add in a little editorial to the approach, please do consider the following four main principles of advertising. Applying the same principles consistently, whether they appear on print or on a screen (of any size):

1: Attention:

It has to grab the attention of its target audience. It’s also OK to have a number of ideal customer types. In fact, the more niched down your target audience can be, the better your advert will directly speak to them.

2: Interest:

It has to inspire their interest or get into their minds. Capturing their interest in a practical sense, helping them visualise how your product or service will work with, and help them.

3: Desire:

It has to instil a desire or get into their hearts driving their emotions to buy, and how by having your product or service makes them feel.

4: Action:

It has to have a simple call to action to get them to buy your products or services. Just think there’s nothing worse for a new customer than having to endure a long, drawn-out and complex process to buy what their heart’s set on.

And finally, just as a reality check, when you’ve crafted what you feel is the perfect advert, just step back, pop yourself into your ideal customer’s shoes and ask yourself this gem… SO WHAT?

Developing your brand should be a strategic process that takes an understanding of your customers and THEIR needs and combines this with the skill and creativity of a graphic designer with genuine experience and knowledge. Don’t let your brand down by trying to do it yourself – partner with a skilled graphic designer who can support your business needs and help you establish your brand for the future.

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