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Getting to the Heart of Your Brand

In my experience having a ‘brand’ is often confused with having a ‘logo’ – even though there’s a world of difference between the two! Your brand will consist of elements like typefaces, colours, a graphic or an illustration all of which are the ingredients that collectively come together to form what a brand needs.

So what is a brand?

Richard Branson says;

“Brands exist as a means of communicating what to expect from a product or service!”

The late Steve Jobs said;

“A good brand evokes feeling and emotion.”

Our definition is;

“Your brand is the visual DNA of your business!”

When thinking about creating or refreshing your business brand consider all of the following:

1: What’s your company name?

Is it short, sweet and memorable? Could it pass the radio ad test? If I half-heard your name on the radio, would it stick with me long enough so that I would be able to find your business quickly and easily online?

2: What’s your business?

If your business was a person, how would you describe that person and personality? How do you describe your products or services? What they do, what are the benefits they provide, and the old chestnut … what makes them unique?

3: Who’s your best Customer?

Can you describe your best customers as individuals? At work, at home, they’re aspirations, ambitions and challenges. The brands they have now, would like to have? Why would they choose to work with you, and why they would choose not to?

4: What are your processes?

What do you do that makes your customer journey special? How would being your customer make me feel?

5: Who’s your competition and what’s your market position?

Do you aspire to be Sainsbury’s or Lidl?

By understanding the answers to these questions helps to give an insight for a visual lead to align and define your brand and its values!

Developing your brand should be a strategic process that takes an understanding of your customers and THEIR needs and combines this with the skill and creativity of a graphic designer with genuine experience and knowledge. Don’t let your brand down by trying to do it yourself – partner with a skilled graphic designer who can support your business needs and help you establish your brand for the future.

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Designing Your Brand

Designing Your Brand

Designing Your Brand … always have a set of brand guidelines that documents typefaces, styles, colourways, layouts and tone of voice

Advertising & Graphic Design - the AIDA principles

Advertising & Graphic Design – the AIDA principles

Advertising & Graphic Design – the FOUR main principles you need to consider being AIDA – attention, interest, desire and action.

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