Writing your content for SEO optimisation and authority

Writing your content for SEO optimisation and authority

Editors Note: Expert content needs an expert content writer and Yorkshire Powerhouse is pleased to publish this business advice article on Search Engine Optimisation, kindly written by a real expert in his field – Manpreet Singh from Bobble Digital.

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Quality content offers a whole host of benefits for your online presence. From reinforcing your branding and tone of voice, to educating your audience and adding credibility, there are many reasons why you should be producing well-written content for your business. But you’re really missing a trick if it isn’t SEO optimised; this is the key to improving your website’s authority and search engine ranking.

Here are some simple ways to improve the results from your content.

Include Relevant Keywords

Incorporating a good balance of keywords into your content is fundamental for your website’s authority and SEO.

The first step is conducting your keyword research, which can seem daunting but take advantage of the online resources available to start you on your SEO journey. Be creative, have fun and remember to keep revisiting your keyword list!

Incorporate long-tail Keywords where possible; with the advent of voice search, more long-tail keywords are being used. They have a higher conversion rate too!

Where to Include Your Keywords

Once you’ve selected your keywords, you need to incorporate them into your content. You need to include your keywords into the different headers, title tag, URL and Meta Description where possible. Continue to review your content and keyword placement to utilise the space effectively.

Optimise Your Meta Description

Your page’s meta description provides a stand-out opportunity to secure click-throughs from potential customers. Make sure you’ve optimised your copy in this area with appropriate keywords and – if relevant – calls to action too.

Optimise Your Images with Alt Text

Adding images to your content is an excellent way to improve user experience (UX). Quality images add interest and help to tell the story. From an SEO point of view, alt text allows search engines to understand what the picture is. Keep the description under 125 characters and be descriptive, including relevant keywords.

Link Building

Linking to other high authority websites that are relevant to your text instils trust with search engines, whilst encouraging reciprocation. Similarly, receiving backlinks to your website demonstrates that other websites trust you, improving your authority. Make sure you build links with websites that you want to be associated with. Where possible incorporate an internal link in your text to your own site – whether that’s to a relevant blog post or to products and services.

Improving your website’s SEO and authority is a continuous journey, and unfortunately doesn’t happen overnight. Google often changes its algorithms, so subscribe to their blog and keep reviewing your content and keywords strategy accordingly.

The ‘ever-changing’ landscape of search engine optimisation means that most business owners simply cannot keep track of things – so, strengthen your business and partner with an expert SEO consultant who can help keep you on track with SEO optimisation and authority.

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