Website Strategy

Website Strategy

No business can be taken seriously without a website and yet, so many fail to deliver what the customer needs – having a website strategy is essential!

It is not so many years ago that a consumer would seek substance behind a website before giving trust. In today’s digital world the consumer sees a website as a sign of credibility and expects/demands to find the content they seek quickly and easily. They are not willing to spend time searching through a site anymore – it is your responsibility to build trust, deliver the information and make their life easy. This is a winning website strategy. To get this to work well takes careful planning and excellent, well-structured content.

Before starting it is essential to consider the purpose of the website, is it to sell through an e-commerce portal, it is an information site helping you build trust, is it a lead generation site seeking to claim those valuable consumer details?

Another ‘essential’ is deciding what are your ‘calls-to-action’ going to be? Most websites want their visitors to do something. This could be to call, get the free download or buy the product or service on offer. Whatever it is this needs to be pointed out in big writing and with a big button, clearly, again and again. It is also vital to know your customer well and aim your website at them. Who are they, what problems do they have and how are you going to solve these problems for them? Your website needs to focus on them, not you, as much as possible.

Your Website, through its layout, structure and content, needs to lead visitors easily to relevant and tempting calls to action.

The web has rules one needs to respect, a privacy policy, cookie notice, a legal entity declaration, and a delivery and returns policy if it’s an e-commerce site. You need to ensure you comply with these rules to benefit from having an effective website strategy working to your advantage.

Then remember no one is going to find your website until you connect it to Google services and you put some effort into getting visitors there.

In this ‘Website Strategy’ section of the Yorkshire Powerhouse website, we discuss the various areas to consider … from domain names to hosting accounts, from DIY template sites to professional design, and from marketing your site to writing the copy for it.

As ever, when planning your website strategy you should start by truly understanding your customer and their needs and requirements. Your website has to appeal to them and pull them to you. Your message and ‘pitch’ should cover your USP’s and capture their attention rapidly. And your site should tell your customer what you want them to do (your ‘call to action’) and lead them to take action.

The world is full of bedroom website experts … use a real expert in creating and hosting websites to ensure your business benefits from a marketing tool that works rather than a website that fails!

Thoughts on website strategy from Yorkshire Powerhouse

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Marketing Your Website

Marketing Your Website

‘Build it and they will come’ is not something to believe in here. Marketing your website is your responsibility



Blogging, when done well, is a very powerful tool. In the long run it gains so much traction for your business marketing efforts.

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