How do I create a video to differentiate myself from my competitors?

How do I create a video to differentiate myself from my competitors?

Before even thinking about video, ask yourself a few questions. Start by getting under the skin of your brand. Ask yourself, “What do I do?” “Who do I do it for?” and “What makes me and my business so special?” If you don’t do that and have some tangible result, then you’ll struggle thereafter.

Every company, product or service should have a clear brand proposition and have a good idea where they’re likely to get their business from.

Make sure you know what your brand, product or service stands for. Know why and what you want to say and to whom. Empathy is so important here: you need to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. You need the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. All effective video communication relies on this attribute.

If you’re not sure how best to articulate video to differentiate and present your message, then take some advice before you decide to film anything, especially if you’re planning to film your own video.

If you’re engaging a professional production company, be prepared to chat the creative brief through with them. They should be able to help and from that discussion, they’ll recommend the best approach and the sort of film that will enable you or your business to stand out…in a good way.

Always write a script or a treatment first. This is very important, as it will give you a point of reference for you and everyone else associated with the production. Even if you’re planning to create a testimonial video, which by its very nature should feel spontaneous and ‘unscripted’, a guide to the content and the overall aim beforehand is the key to the overall success of a video.

There are lots of different types of video, so think carefully before deciding which is best for you. Being different is a good thing, but art for art’s sake doesn’t sell products. Have a persuasive message. And if your brand has a recognised identity, be sure to reflect this in the film by using your corporate styling, colours and your tone of voice.

The right film should be an extension of your brand personality and because every brand and company is different … if it matches yours, then by that measure, the end film or video will be different, i.e. not the same as your competitors.

Unless you are skilled in video production (briefing, storyboarding, shooting, editing, sound, animation, etc) then you shouldn’t think that a DIY smartphone video is acceptable – it isn’t! Professional businesses will seek out professional video production companies to work with.

Blunt thinking on using video in your marketing mix – Yorkshire Powerhouse

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