SEO Trends Over Lockdown

SEO Trends Over Lockdown

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Covid-19 continues to have a huge impact on the world we live in today. It has changed almost every aspect of our lives – from the way we work and socialise to the way we entertain ourselves and shop. Businesses continue to adapt to new ways of operating; in order to keep moving forward, they have had to show impressive levels of agility and fortitude. Digital marketing has played an integral role in this evolution. So, what have been the SEO trends over lockdown from the last weeks and months that you need to know about?

A Sweeping Shift to Online Retail

The clearest SEO trend has seen consumers shopping online more than ever before to avoid unnecessary trips into stores. According to MarketingWeek, 41% of people have made the switch to shopping online for items they’d normally go in store for. And according to Ofcom’s reportOnline Nation, we are spending record amounts of time on the internet.

The Move to Mobile

Over the past few years, the importance of having a mobile-friendly website has continued to grow, with many websites offering stress-free purchasing at your fingertips. In late 2019, Business Insider predicted that m-commerce will reach 44% of the total USA e-commerce market by 2024.

However, COVID has accelerated this process, with more people accessing the web via their smartphones.

Mobile-friendly websites should no longer be thought of as optional; having a fully functional and streamlined mobile-friendly website is now an essential part of your digital strategy.

Adapt and Prepare

Businesses of all sectors have been affected by the pandemic to varying degrees. Some have been quieter than usual, whilst others have had to close their doors for extended periods. However, savvy businesses with an eye on the future have been investing this extra time in digital – whether that’s refreshing their website or keeping their audience engaged through social media. Those with an eye on the long-term will have spent time revising their digital strategy and researching SEO trends, allowing them to improve their website’s SEO and produce SEO-friendly content.

A Catalyst for Change?

COVID-19 may prove to facilitate the pace of digital transformation, and the new opportunities within. It’s vital not to be left behind.

Keeping aware of the SEO trends over lockdown can help you keep your business on the front line for new business – take time to find an expert partner who can help guide you through this ‘constantly moving’ area.

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