Why amazing photos are essential for startups

Why amazing photos are essential for startups

“Start as you mean to go on” can be applied to most things whether you are starting a business, building a relationship or doing pretty much anything else in life.

Creating that first impression with professional photography right from the beginning of your business journey not only tells your prospective clients that you’re serious about your business but that you care enough about it enough to pay for a professional photographer rather than use your own photos.

Often people use stock images to start with, this can work ok but it takes time to find the right images and do you really want images that lots of other people have used.

Having your own on-brand images ultimately saves you time and stress from having to find images to use when you want to post on social media.

You might have got your logo, your colours and your brand sorted out but if you put inconsistent images on your social media and website you won’t maintain your brand. People are less likely to be engaged with a confused brand and won’t recognise it’s your business when they see you again.

If you look at the images on websites and social media platforms, you will know when a professional has taken them. Not only because of the quality but because they fit together as a whole set of images, they are consistent with your brand and create a coherent look so they make the most of your brand identity. It’s all to do with how the colours, tone and style fit together to create an overall experience for your potential clients. Consistency and clarity are what makes a great brand.

For a photo of you, a professional will bring out the best in you by helping you to relax, have fun, be confident, look great, feel amazing, look positive and generally have a fantastic time in your shoot. If you’re having fun and enjoying your shoot it will show in the photos giving a great bank of usable consistent images for your website and social media.

Don’t settle for average or adequate when it comes to photography, set yourself up for success from the first impression. Find yourself a professional photographer who can work with you to make you ‘look the business’!

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