PPC and the Pandemic – finding a ‘New Normal’

PPC and the Pandemic – finding a ‘New Normal’

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As we all know, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every corner of the business world, along with advertising budgets and how they are spent. Facebook and Google, the two big names in digital advertising are expected to make a huge loss. “The two internet giants together could see more than $44 billion in worldwide ad revenue evaporate in 2020, Cowen & Co. analysts estimate.” Consequently, those who adjust their PPC strategies accordingly stand a better chance of weathering the storm.

Although, generally speaking, PPC conversion rates have dropped, there are industries in which PPC performance is thriving.

Reducing PPC spend might seem like an obvious way to cut costs; indeed, many businesses have done exactly that. It is for this very reason, however, that we would advise advertisers to consider this as an alternative method. Not only will they face less competition, but less spend will be required to gain the same visibility. This visibility reinforces the credibility and reliability of the business during these trying times.

Tips for Maximising PPC Strategy During the Pandemic


Messaging must be sensitive and empathetic to both its target and wider audience. This goes for PPC ads and any other content created throughout the pandemic. A successful ad will showcase the value of the product or service. It will take into consideration current circumstances and focus on how the brand fits into its audience’s temporary way of life.


Now is a good time for advertisers to shift budgets into products or services that have more relevancy during this national emergency, or at the very least, shift budgets to the best performing campaigns. The automated bidding feature will allow retailers to be more agile to rapidly changing consumer behaviours.

Added Benefits of PPC and the Pandemic

Ad copy or ad extensions can be implemented to communicate value-adding benefits such as free home delivery, exterior collection points, etc.

A Shifting Landscape

The pandemic will have prompted a shift in the search queries which trigger ads. Search terms should, therefore, be reviewed in real-time for COVID-19 words and content. A list of negative keywords can then be drawn up and shared among all campaigns.

Navigating PPC in the New Normal

Of course, our advice will not be applicable to every business. The PPC industry has changed drastically in the past few months and every company will find itself in a different situation in relation to that. The only universal pieces of advice we can offer is to:

Keep your fingers firmly on the pulse of the changing digital landscape

Communicate with partners clearly, promptly, and openly – providing consumers with some sense of security in a very uncertain world.

Get expert advice when looking at pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, it can be an expensive lesson if done wrong and the more you try to do it yourself, the more complicated it all becomes.

PPC Marketing thoughts from Yorkshire Powerhouse

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