Optimising Google Ads

Top Tips for Optimising Google Ads

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Target the right shopper at the right time by learning how to optimise Google Ads. PPC management increases a retailer’s chance of making a sale and ensures they are doing it for the smallest amount of money. Here’s a quick overview of Google Ads Optimisation.

Automated Bidding

For those with relatively little experience using Google Ads, automated bidding is a simple way to save both time and unnecessary spend. The automated bid strategies have been designed to help advertisers align their campaign bidding with their business goals. Bids are set based on the likelihood that the ad will result in a click or conversion.

Manual Bidding

The automated bidding method cannot take everything into account and so manual bidding allows for closer control. Advertisers can adjust bids for individual ads or keywords. Where certain keywords are more profitable, there is an opportunity to bid more strategically.

  • Competitive bidding is key to maximising visibility. Bids that meet or exceed the first page bid estimate stand a better chance of being shown on the first page of search results.
  • Bid adjustments allow advertisers to display ads more, or less frequently based on the way in which people search. Represented by a percentage change, advertisers can increase or decrease every bid in a campaign depending on how it performs in response to specific variables, such as time, location, and type of device.

Keyword Strategy

A robust keyword strategy is vital to ensure Google Ad optimisation. For the best sales prospects, advertisers must keep a close eye on campaign metrics to “mine” for possible keywords, use negative keywords to stop irrelevant clicks and implement brand keywords strategically.

The Keyword Planner is a useful tool for finding keyword ideas and traffic estimates to help build a Search Network campaign.


A relevant and compelling ad will motivate a customer to purchase. The ad text should convey, in simple terms, how the business stands out (competitive prices and promotions) and, above all, should highlight the benefit to the customer rather than a list of features.

Optimisation Score

The optimisation score is an estimate of how well a Google Ads account is predicted to perform. Alongside the score, advertisers can browse a set of recommendations for optimising each of their campaigns.

The Opportunity of Optimisation

Effective optimisation of your Google Ads can be the difference between profit and loss. Don’t throw money down the drain; do your research carefully and take the time to create a winning ad!

Get expert advice when looking at pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, it can be an expensive lesson if done wrong and the more you try to do it yourself, the more complicated it all becomes.

PPC Marketing thoughts from Yorkshire Powerhouse

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