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Copy is important to the success of your business. It can drive customers and increase profits through convincing text that promotes actions, meaningfully engaging with audiences on their level in ways they’ll understand or find interesting enough for them not only to read but also share if it resonates emotionally with what’s happening in a moment.

These days, it is not enough to simply write compelling copy. You must also make sure your customers can understand what you’re saying and feel like they are part of your process. Pain points are integral in this regard because understanding them will help win new business while helping you understand the value propositions of your business.

Make certain that everything about your offering meshes with their pain point.

You’re a professional, so don’t waste your readers’ time with unbacked claims … back them up and make sure that the copy focuses on solving problems – this way prospects will trust you and read through all of what is for their benefit! It also implies that those who are reading care about this subject matter too which means they value our words enough.

Copy should answer questions like, “What do I need?”. It’s important to make sure your understanding of words and copy choices can easily be comprehended by others.

A lot has changed in marketing since Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’ famous quote “People Purchase Through Feelings” … one thing remains true – people still buy because they want ‘feelings’ more than anything else. What kindles those ‘feelings’ might vary depending on who you ask – even within an organisation.

In this world of short attention spans, it’s vital that your copy is structured in a way which makes sense and can be read easily. Instead of building up to one key point like you might do at school, only to conclude and make your main point clear at the end- ensure important information is signposted clearly and introduced quickly. So that readers know what they’re getting themselves into before diving into more depth, this also shows that you care about their time too.

If you want your content to be engaging and memorable, don’t stuff it with too much text. Make the value clear, instead of hiding it in layers upon layers of words that do nothing for readers’ experience – if you can write it briefly, then there’s no reason not to just skip unnecessary details altogether.

The key to writing excellent copy that sells is understanding your audience. The people you’re trying to reach aren’t generally academics with doctorates in food science and nutrition, they’re busy professionals looking for solutions where their schedules don’t allow room or time during work hours – like if you’re selling nutritious snacks, think CEOs of companies who have very little free downtime between meetings but still need healthy snacks on hand at all times.

Copywriting is not about following the rules. It’s time you break free from their constraints and make your own style with words, speaking directly to people like they’re in this moment together, experiencing what we feel or think ourselves into believing – yes!

Copywriting is a skill that demands detachment from your business, awareness of your customer’s needs and a consistent approach across all your marketing materials and platforms – don’t try to ‘DIY’ your marketing or copywriting, engage with a professional copywriter and get the job done right and in a fraction of the time!

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Copywriting for engineering companies

Copywriting for engineering

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No matter the industry, everyone is in the business of storytelling. So what formats do you find most effective for storytelling?


No matter the industry, everyone is in the business of storytelling. So what formats do you find most effective for storytelling?

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