Google PPC Text Ads and Ad Extensions

Google PPC Text Ads and Ad Extensions

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What are Google PPC Text Ads?

Text ads offer an opportunity for retailers to promote goods and services via placements on the Google Network. This network is made up of Google sites, partner websites, and other digital services, such as mobile phone apps. Although they lack some of the advantages of the visually formatted Google Shopping Ads, text-based ads have powerful advantages of their own. For example, they have a faster download time and are also unaffected by adblocking software.

Components of a Text Ad

So, what are the elements of Google PPC text ads?


The Headline is the most important component because it is what people are most likely to notice. An ad can have between one and three headlines with a maximum of 30 characters each. These need to include words that consumers are likely to enter in their Google search.

Display URL

The Display URL is the website address and an optional path field that acts as a title for the landing page URL. This makes it easier for potential customers to quickly understand the page’s purpose and contents.

Ad Description

The Ad Description provides details relating to the service or offers being advertised. You are likely to find some form of call to action (CTA) in this field, as this is typically a direct link to sales.

Search Network or Display Network?

The Google Network is divided into two groups in order to give retailers control over where they would like their ads to appear.

Search Network

Ads appear on Google search results pages, other Google sites and partnering search sites. Advertising on this network allows retailers to target customers who are proactively searching for a related product or service and so it is useful for those looking to increase sales.

Display Network

Ads appear on Google sites, such as YouTube, Blogger and Gmail, as well as numerous partnering websites and apps. Advertising on this network allows retailers to target customers in particular locations and with specific buying habits. The Display Network displays ads on web pages that have content related to that of the retailer, although the customer may not necessarily be searching for their related products or services at that moment in time.

Ad Extensions

A retailer can increase the click-through rate of their ad by expanding the information with an ad extension. Extension formats include call buttons (which click through to a business phone number), location information and links to specific parts of the retailer’s website. The use of extensions is encouraged to maximise the performance of a text ad. However, whether or not this additional information appears alongside the ad depends on its Ad Rank.

There is no extra cost to using an ad extension. Clicks on the ad (including extensions) are charged the standard price.

In Summary

Used correctly, Text Ads and Ad Extensions provide a quick and simple way for you to get your products and services in front of new customers.

Get expert advice when looking at pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, it can be an expensive lesson if done wrong and the more you try to do it yourself, the more complicated it all becomes.

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