The Benefits of Using a (Super) Freelance Copywriter for your Copywriting needs

The Benefits of Using a (Super) Freelance Copywriter for your Copywriting needs

The benefits of using a freelance copywriter are monumental. The value of your business will be increased by the work that they produce. Your customer retention rates will soar, and you’ll have an edge on your competitors in terms of marketing campaigns. This is all because you’ve hired someone who understands the needs and wants of your audience, which is what makes them so valuable.

The majority of people don’t know how to write well enough for their company’s website – this includes CEOs, founders, owners; anyone with a stake in the game. Make life easier and make it rain the good way – outsource your copywriting projects and hire a superb freelance copywriter.

Wave goodbye to wasted time

As an entrepreneur, you may find that the only way to keep your company afloat is by taking more actions, more intensely, more of the time. This leads down a slippery slope of overworking either your employees – or yourself or even both- who are asked to work on different projects at every turn throughout the day or simply brush up their SEO skills for new clients because “it needs doing”. The truth about running any business lies somewhere in between these extremes: balancing time spent working versus available resources with consideration given towards future growth.

At some point along our journey as owners/ operators, there will be times when we must decide whether to focus on actually delivering your service or product or focusing on the surrounding tasks.

But let’s say you did get the hang of writing web content well, do you also have time to keep abreast of the latest best practice? What about solving problems when something isn’t working?

Outsourcing your copywriting removes these bugbears. If you’re looking to save time and energy, it’s best not to create your own content. Though there’s no law that says what should go into an email or blog post—or how long each one needs to be for instance you’ll need help from a professional copywriter if you don’t want to become too overwhelmed with all things marketing related.

Increase your standing in the eyes of your audience

Hiring a professional copywriter is more than just getting a talented communicator. You are hiring an experienced rainmaker who (often) has learned about your industry, or learns about the salient aspects of it quickly and will make sure the content they produce, captivates readers with alluring phrases, catchy headlines, subheadings – whatever it takes.

A good quality writer knows how important branding yourself through words can be on social media channels like LinkedIn. They also understand how to write for dozens of formats, so their skillset covers everything from more basic promotional emails up to high impact print sales pages.

Your business is the face of your company, so it’s important that people are drawn in by what they read. You can’t put out poor content – copywriting takes expertise and experience which only comes with time spent doing this job well over many years.

Eliminate errors, ensuring consistency and projecting a professional image

You can never underestimate the power of appearing professional. Whether a multinational corporation or a small solopreneur, every brand deserves a coherent voice that people will trust instantly.

Not to mention…typos. They can be the bane of your site and the block standing between you and your biggest customer yet. Copywriters by nature proofread and check through their copy many, many times so that you’re left with errorless prose by the time the final draft lands with you.

A copywriter will ensure that all of your content is consistent, polished and professional. They are able to eliminate any errors in order for the final product to not only look appealing but enticing too.

Powerful persuasion

Content is more than just a tool for search engine optimization or to be used as an advertisement. Copy must be persuasive, highlighting the value of your products without it sounding like it’s being pushed into the receiver’s brain with no regard for how they feel about it – especially in the context of the overload we call life today.

Content should have some sort of entertainment factor in order not to come off as boring and outdated. Inform, educate, entertain. These keywords should be kept in mind when thinking about your copy and content. Copywriters fully understand the seemingly minute nuances between these – many have backgrounds in marketing, journalism and media- and can fuse together solid copy that has the right blend of underlying purposes every time.

Your business could be missing out on a great way to connect with your audience. The perfect middle ground is persuasive but informative or entertaining copy that will keep people engaged and interested in what you’re selling, which means more sales! A good writer can balance this pendulum.

Connect with audiences

You might not be thinking about all the different ways your copy could be used, but a professional writer will.

This is the power of having social media at your fingertips. You can share content in ways that were never possible before, generating new leads by posting interesting articles on Facebook or Twitter.

Web-savvy businesses should take advantage of these features to reach out across networks while staying connected with old customers. This gives them more opportunities for success than ever before—not just online but off too; as people continue conversations via different channels like text messages; conversations that are often started from something featured on the web.

Get fresh angles

You might think that repeating the same copy throughout your website will save you time, but it doesn’t look good and Google won’t like it either. Duplicated content is collateral damage to search rankings—you need to stay one step ahead if digital success is what you’re looking for. Today’s world of online marketing is ‘dog-eat-dog’. Original content round the clock is important but what really separates the wheat from the chaff is the input that copywriters have in making your promotions really stand out.

Perspectives brought to your business by a fantastic creative can be a real game-changer.

There are many businesses in the world, so it is difficult to see what your business has going for it when inside of one. You might get wrapped up with all the politics and whatnot – like previous versions or ideas about how great the future will be, these impressions can warp views of a business and make finding salient points and USP’s hard. An in-demand copywriter is also a good businessperson, giving you free advice when it comes to these points by nature in a typical collaboration.

It’s easy to make sense of your business because an outsider can see from a customer perspective – this is the reason why you don’t necessarily need a copywriter with that much knowledge of your industry. If they can do the job well they will be able to flex to exceed your expectations. Understanding will never be clouded with irrelevant information and a good writer will be able to ‘weed’ your own brain! All they need is a profile of those customers: people who buy from YOU specifically because they want something different than anyone else offers (and boy do we have them!), to convert all relevant data into something useful.

Make it rain when you hire a nifty copywriter’s brain.

Text is a commodity and hence the reason that standard web content can be had for a dime a dozen – or a pound a pop. Copy is not. When working with a professional copywriter, It’s the expertise, understanding of psychology and how web conversions can be accelerated that you’re paying for. Investing in a copywriter is hiring a top-rate researcher, marketer, consumer psychologist and gifted ‘wordsmith’ at the same time and often a decision you won’t regret if you choose correctly. It can make or save your business.

Having or hiring a copywriter is an investment that will pay off for your business. You might think you can do it yourself, but the results are probably going to disappoint you. A good writer knows how to generate leads and conversions with words instead of hard labour.

If you’re struggling with finding time to write your own copy, then it’s the perfect solution. They will be able to produce compelling content when you need it to help generate leads and sales for your business without the hours of your own writing effort on top of what actually goes into running one…

Copywriting is a skill that demands detachment from your business, awareness of your customer’s needs and a consistent approach across all your marketing materials and platforms – don’t try to ‘DIY’ your marketing or copywriting, engage with a professional copywriter and get the job done right and in a fraction of the time!

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