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Appointing a good printer

“What gunpowder did for war the printing press has done for the mind.” – Wendell Phillips

Reliability and Quality

Do business with printers who have a record of success and are well established. It is an industry that is dominated with start-ups and failures on a weekly basis and only the truly excellent survive. Look for length of tenure. Evaluate past projects to see quality of their printing and understand what type of printing technologies they can offer.  One measure of a serious printer is their membership of the British Printing Industries Federation (BPiF) who promote high standards, ongoing training and lobby for higher standards … they offer a ‘find a printer’ service – click here to view.

Customer relationship management

If you are reselling the documents or brochures (mainly designers and marketers) it’s crucial to know that trade printers will not steal your client, even when they are also selling print to the end user. A successful trade printer will supply unbranded samples and catalogues that you can use for promotion. Your customer will get their printed products in plain packaging that never identifies the printer.

Printing capabilities and expertise

A printer should be your print expert and offer solutions for all your printing requirements. They will also offer a wide range of services including a range of finishing and paper quality options as well as delivery services allowing you one-stop-shipping, effectively only requiring one supplier. An excellent printer will also review your projects and have ideas to improve the project rather than just printing the file as seen.

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Fanatical customer service

When appointing a good printer look for one that has customer service staff who understand printing and are accessible. Great information flow and fast turnaround are essential in this sector.

Production and shipping options

A competent printer will have various shipping and production speed options to meet your timelines and cost requirements.

Testimonials and scores

Check your printer’s website for current recommendations or trust pilot reviews. When in doubt, ask for references and take them up.

Guarantee Policies

Check your printer’s guarantee policies, its important to understand how they deal with errors or returns when the inevitable happens – human beings are part of the process so sometimes errors crop up!

Take care with your brief, it is no good noticing your errors on the printed page and blaming it on the printer.

Yorkshire Powerhouse thoughts on appointing a good printer
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