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Traditional Marketing

In the rush to ‘go digital’ in today’s world, some areas of traditional marketing have been left behind, but then so have some markets and customers.  Sometimes, the ‘old ways’ are still the best for communicating and gaining attention.

Younger consumers have been born into technology, receiving thousands of electronic inputs per day, many will have never seen a TV advert, read a newspaper or received a brochure in the post.

This provides opportunity for traditional media, the receipt of a letter through the post has suddenly become a unique event for the younger generation and therefore an effective communication medium.  But posting a brochure is rapidly becoming one of the most effective mechanisms you can employ to gain attention while your competitors rely on trying to post more messages on social media or blast their way through more emails.

Paradoxically, in turn the cost of traditional marketing has now reduced as the providers have been forced to compete with more modern methods.  Brochures can now be printed in short numbers (just 50-100!) allowing for cost effective solutions.

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Within this section, we will provide information on a wide range of ‘old school’ marketing techniques – but remember that the most effective marketing strategies are those that combine traditional techniques with modern digital techniques and forge a ‘complete strategy’, targeting customers at ‘just the right time’.

For sure, consider traditional methods as a retro, but now unique, approach to marketing.  Your prospects will pay much more attention to a physical brochure than they will an emailed PDF!

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