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Using video as part of your marketing

These days you have to consider many different ways of communicating if you are a business trying to attract the attention of your audience. Think about video as one part of this.

Video can be called many things – films, clips, promos, adverts etc. The only thing you have to remember is that all these terms relate to the same thing – the moving image.

Whether your content is traditionally shot or animated it contains a combination of words, sound and pictures that can be the most impactful and immediate of all the methods of communication.

Think of video as your shop window.

This is your chance to show off. How does a traditional shop window work? A well constructed display is intended to catch the eye of the passer by and make them stop and look.

A good shop window is not crammed full of absolutely everything you sell but merely a taster of the best bits put on display to peak the interest of the viewer. You want to make the passer-by take the time to come in and then explore what you have to offer further.

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Now imagine that a piece of video content is sat in the places where people might pass by you online. It could be a social media news feed or a blog posting on LinkedIn. How are you going to fill that little oblong space with something that makes people want to stop and watch it?

Video is the headline of what you have to say. It should act as an advert to guide people to read on or watch in more detail. The social media video post should be designed to lure the viewer toward the website where a blend of other videos, copy and images await to give you further information.

If video is your shop window, it is ultimately one of the primary adverts for your business. With this in mind you should consider how professional this communication is.  Engaging the services of a video production company can mean the difference between a polished ‘high street display’ and a bargain basement window with cheap hand-scribed sale signs!

Unless you are skilled in video production (briefing, storyboarding, shooting, editing, sound, animation, etc) then you shouldn’t think that a DIY smartphone video is acceptable – it isn’t!  Professional businesses will seek out professional video production companies to work with.

Blunt thinking on using video in your marketing mix – Yorkshire Powerhouse

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