How video can help you and your business

How video can help you and your business

These days, people are watching more video and film content than ever before.

The world has changed massively over the past few years and content marketing is on the rise, with video right out in front. It’s almost certainly the most powerful communication tool going, so using it to help your business is a must.

Here’s why you need video:

Video can bring your brand to life. Whatever business you’re in.

Video works quickly. Video is engaging. As soon as they click play, people can see you, your product, or your service. So, showing a video gives you a chance to make your brand memorable.

It can help establish, support and then increase your brand awareness. If you have a website, then it should have a video on it. Adding a film to your web-landing page typically increases conversion rates by up to 80%.

If you have a video, as well as using it on your website, you can share it on all kinds of media channels, such as YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You can share video via email, or as part of a marketing campaign. You can show your next-door neighbour on your laptop and share the same video on your smartphone to your business colleagues on the other side of the world.

Indeed, according to various sources, film attracts 300% more traffic than other content and is shared 1200% more than any other content on social media. And social media posts with film content get 48% more views than those without them.

Video gives you and your business an extra dimension that words or photographs can’t quite match. If you create the right kind of video, it can help you build trust, especially when people see it alongside the ‘real you’. And it can help make you money too, of course.

Video can promote your business. Big up your event. Demonstrate how a product works. Showcase your premises. Tell your story and sell your service. Video can help train people. Inspire people. Persuade people. And video can sing your praises too, in the form of a testimonial, if you ask the right people nicely.

A single video can be repurposed for different lengths, for different reasons, for different audiences. So you can achieve a huge amount from just one piece of filmmaking.

So check video out. Video is great. Video is for everyone and every business. Read more on the links below.

Unless you are skilled in video production (briefing, storyboarding, shooting, editing, sound, animation, etc) then you shouldn’t think that a DIY smartphone video is acceptable – it isn’t! Professional businesses will seek out professional video production companies to work with.

Blunt thinking on using video in your marketing mix – Yorkshire Powerhouse

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How do I create a video to differentiate myself from my competitors?

How do I create a video to differentiate myself from my competitors?

Using video to differentiate yourself is an obvious goal … but do you actually have that clarity in your branding and marketing already?

Video options – which kind of video is right for my business?

Video options – which kind of video is right for my business?

There are so many video options that can help promote and grow your business. What’s right for you depends entirely on the business you have.

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