Other Social Platforms to consider

Which Social Media Platform? The Best of the rest of other Social Platforms

The other main platforms to consider are Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Each has its own pros and cons, and advantages and disadvantages which you need to consider. For example, do you you need to be found on Google (Google+), are you all about images (Instagram and Pinterest) or do you need to network with other businesses (LinkedIn). Here’s our summary:

Other Social Platforms – 1. Google+

Google is the most used website in the world and therefore has a huge amount of power and influence on anything to do with the internet. So, even though Google+ is one of the smaller, less used and less well-known social media platforms, it’s always worth considering to help with your online presence and SEO, and if you need people to be able to find you (both in real life and the virtual world).

This is why, of the 100 million plus active users on Google+, most aren’t active. Similarly, because Google owns YouTube you may have to consider being on Google+ to be active on YouTube


  • Integrates with other Google tools, functionality and platforms like YouTube.
  • Helps improve your SEO.


  • Not as big or well-known as other platforms and not as well-used.
  • Not as easy to use as some of the more well-established platforms.

Good for

  • Businesses who need to be found on the internet
  • Businesses who need to use YouTube
  • Businesses who use other Google tools and functionality

Other Social Platforms – 2. Instagram

Instagram is a photo and short video sharing platform, and 55 million images are uploaded to it daily. It is accessed and used via a mobile app (rather than a computer) and so, although it has 800 million users and is owned by Facebook, it is only the 17th most popular website. 90% of users are under 35 and they are more likely to be women. They are 50% Android-lovers and 50% Apple devotees.


  • It is used by over 1 million advertisers
  • It includes business profiles, and ads
  • Analytics gives you fantastic insights into your followers
  • It is owned by and links to Facebook
  • It includes tools that add great conversion and retention potential


  • It is owned by and links to Facebook, but sharing between platforms only works one way (and some people may be only on one to access the other)
  • Most functionality is only available on mobile devices
  • It is very image focused and content must be high quality

Good for

  • Businesses that regularly create high quality images (designers, photographers, architects, authors, events and activity providers)
  • Businesses who want to target a younger audience
  • Businesses who want to target mobile device users

Other Social Platforms – 3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an online business network originally designed to allow employers, workers, recruiters and sales people to network and make connections. It isn’t as popular and highly-ranked as the other social media platforms (probably because it’s a bit more specialist), but still has 500 million users in 200 countries (106 million of whom are active). For most people, it acts like an online CV. It is owned by Microsoft.


  • Great for making business connections around the world
  • Great for recruiting, job hunting and networking
  • Great for creating a business profile and brand
  • Allows you to join and network in special interest groups
  • Allows advertising (and includes special status for ‘influencers’ and ‘top companies’)
  • Great for gaining industry insight and market research


  • All about business
  • It’s a bit more formal than other platforms
  • Isn’t necessarily easy to use

Good for

  • Business to business activity, including finding suppliers, distributors and competitors
  • Recruiting and job hunting
  • Market insight and research
  • Business development and promoting yourself and skills and services
  • Corporates – it helps create a corporate identity by linking together employees, brands, departments, and subsidiaries
  • Business service providers such as marketers, salespeople, consultants, freelancers

Other Social Platforms – 4. Pinterest

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard where people can save ideas in the form of images, gifs and videos. It is a smaller (250 million users), newer and specialist social media platform, but studies have shown that it’s more effective at driving sales than any other platform. This is because it can act as a virtual storefront, guide people’s choices and can incorporate direct links to websites and online shops from images of the products, and can even have a buy button. Users are more likely to be educated to graduate level.


  • Allows for business profiles, advertising and direct buying
  • Allows businesses to showcase products, and new trends and fashions and help people make choices


  • Smaller, specialist, less well-known
  • Image-focussed & need to be high-quality and interesting

Good for

  • Businesses who are reliant on images, styles, designs, fashions and trends and need to drive sales
  • Holidays, fashion, crafts, art, design, DIY – many use it to showcase a new season or collection with direct links to allow people to buy individual items
  • Targeting a more educated audience

The more ‘obscure’ a platform the more you must truly understand how to utilise it properly – seek expert help to ensure you are utilising the online social space accurately.

Blunt thoughts on the other Social Platforms available to you

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