Your LinkedIn Profile basics

Your LinkedIn Profile basics

“Are you proud of your LinkedIn Profile?”

There are two fundamental requirements to make your LinkedIn strategy work for you:

  • Optimise your LinkedIn profile
  • Engage on the platform

In this article, we run through a few key criteria of some basic principles of what makes a great LinkedIn profile.

Profile Picture

First of all, don’t ‘think facebook’!

This is you in business. LinkedIn is, after all, the business professional’s platform, so a pina colada in hand is probably not going to cut it. Have a smiling, full face headshot in the frame and be dressed appropriately. Why full face you ask? When you engage around LinkedIn, your profile photo shrinks enormously. You want to be recognised alongside your content, so make sure it is your face that fills the circle to have maximum impact.


Don’t let your job title and place of work be your headline. You have 220 characters to ‘tell your story’.

Make sure the keywords you’d wish to be found for are included. Make it clear to a visitor who comes to your profile for the first time to know what you do and how you can help them.


Should this be where you would like to do business or where you live?

Contact Details

Are your Contact Details up to date? Are you using a professional email address that you check regularly? Make yourself fully contactable to 1st-degree connections to avoid potential clients’ journeys ending at your LinkedIn Profile.

The best LinkedIn relationships are those that get taken off LinkedIn!

About Section

To be successful on LinkedIn, your About section should be exemplary! It is the one place people will visit to understand what makes you tick!

Make it all about how you can help the visitor with the benefits of the relationships you build being clear. Be confident about your strengths and be personable. This is not your CV nor a pitch for your company. It is about you. Tell your professional story. Add a call-to-action and your contact details (that way even people who are not first-degree Connections can still see your contact details).

In conclusion, take some time out to check ALL the categories of your LinkedIn profile. This is where the journey may start to your next best customer. Don’t be a disappointment!

LinkedIn is unquestionably the #1 B2B Digital Networking website … approaching with a clear strategy and with the knowledge of what you’re doing is essential to benefit from the platform – if you’re not 100% confident in your abilities then seek a training and consultancy supplier who can help you and your business achieve growth and positive visibility on LinkedIn.

Thoughts on finding LinkedIn success from Yorkshire Powerhouse

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Measuring your LinkedIn Success

Measuring your LinkedIn Success

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How to make LinkedIn work

How to make LinkedIn work

How to make LinkedIn work – even when you’re not sure people are engaging or paying any attention to what you’re doing! Here’s the thinking …

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