How to get noticed on LinkedIn

How to get noticed on LinkedIn

SME Business Owner:

“When it comes to LinkedIn, what is the ONE thing we should start doing right now?”


Engaging with others! It’s as simple as that!

By a very large majority, most people do not engage on LinkedIn. Many users act in a way I’d call a Lurker! They might consume content, but they rarely ‘do’ anything.

This is such a loss to them as they are pretty much ‘dead’ to the algorithms. It’s when we engage that the magic happens.

You may have the best LinkedIn profile in the world, but it will mean nothing if you don’t engage.

When we interact with other people’s content, we build our own tribe on LinkedIn. If we help people, they in turn will wish to help us.

Look out for opportunities to add value to existing conversations. Use hashtags to search for content relating to your area of expertise. Spend a few more seconds to add a valuable comment, something other than “great post”.

You will stand out a mile when you do!

I spend at least 75% of my time on LinkedIn engaging with content. I mostly engage on the content that other people produce. But I also leave time to engage on my content, answering every comment that is made, if only to say thank you for making it!

SME Business Owner:

“Okay then, on the flip side, what should we STOP doing on LinkedIn?”


Selling! No one appreciates being ‘sold to’ on LinkedIn.

You know the routine, you get a spammy connection request and the next thing … Bam! – an attempt to sell you something you don’t want, or more importantly, you don’t want now!

LinkedIn is a place to build trust in your personal brand, one step at a time. You do this by sharing knowledge and investing in the community of LinkedIn. When someone wants what you have to offer, they will come to you! No amount of an attempt to ‘sell’ on LinkedIn works.

Avoid the desire to try to ‘close the deal’ on LinkedIn. That will always take place somewhere else – via emails, a Zoom chat, or a real coffee!

Use LinkedIn to build trust in your personal brand, step by step and you will create an inbound pipeline of opportunities for the future.

LinkedIn is unquestionably the #1 B2B Digital Networking website … approaching with a clear strategy and with the knowledge of what you’re doing is essential to benefit from the platform – if you’re not 100% confident in your abilities then seek a training and consultancy supplier who can help you and your business achieve growth and positive visibility on LinkedIn.

Thoughts on finding LinkedIn success from Yorkshire Powerhouse

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