Measuring your LinkedIn Success

Measuring your LinkedIn Success

So, you think you’ve got LinkedIn Licked?

You’ve got a decent profile – ☑

You’re on LinkedIn every day – ☑

Can I give you some home truths?

The average score I give across all clients I work with, upon commencement, is less than four out of ten. They are often shocked by this!

Almost everyone I meet has a higher opinion of their own profile. It’s a bit like asking someone if they are a good driver. No-one will say they are not! By the law of averages, we cannot ALL be good drivers!

To determine if you are maximising YOUR use of LinkedIn, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you know precisely what a good prospect customer looks like on LinkedIn?
  • Do you understand what success looks like for you on LinkedIn?
  • Have you created a LinkedIn Company page and linked it with your current employment status?
  • Are you committing time each day to LinkedIn and have items to tick-off on a list when you do?
  • Do you have at least 500 connections?
  • Do you personalise all connection requests?
  • Do you send a welcome message to all new connections you make?
  • Are you sure you’re not connected to any fake profiles?
  • Are you building relationships and not concentrating on selling?
  • Are you building your personal brand instead of concentrating on your company page?
  • Are you sending direct messages on a frequent basis to prospect clients with added value?
  • Are you creating thought leadership content as LinkedIn Articles?
  • Are you posting twice a week with valuable content to grow your target audience?
  • Are you checking out every single visitor to your profile?

If the answer is yes to all of the above, then top marks to you. You are undoubtedly seeing the fruits of your labours. You are probably converting customers through LinkedIn on a regular basis, yes?

If the answer is no, let’s delve a bit deeper.

Thoughts on making your LinkedIn success journey a reality

Many people spend a great deal of time on LinkedIn believing that they are achieving something. At best they may not be achieving anything at all, at its worst they may be damaging their objectives.

To make LinkedIn work for you, you need a strategy. Most of what you post or comment on should be towards helping you build trust in your personal brand.

To be successful, LinkedIn should not be a place of random acts (of kindness, or otherwise!) Every keystroke should be directed towards helping you achieve strategic goals.

There is a process to create success on LinkedIn. It comes from building relationships one step at a time. But the pace of that progress should be measured. At no time should you be tempted to hit the sales button. That has the effect of turning off the opportunity that might have come your way if you simply deployed patience.

For sure, there are no rules on LinkedIn, apart from those LinkedIn determines for you being on the platform, of course, but as a result of spending tens of thousands of hours on LinkedIn, there are ways that work just a little better than having no plan at all.

So, let me ask you again – is LinkedIn working for you?

LinkedIn is unquestionably the #1 B2B Digital Networking website … approaching with a clear strategy and with the knowledge of what you’re doing is essential to benefit from the platform – if you’re not 100% confident in your abilities then seek a training and consultancy supplier who can help you and your business achieve growth and positive visibility on LinkedIn.

Thoughts on finding LinkedIn success from Yorkshire Powerhouse

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