Digital Strategy – an ongoing battle

Digital Strategy – an ongoing battle

A digital strategy is an ongoing battle!

Whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, email, pay-per-click, SEO … the one thing that all digital channels have in common is that they are all regularly updating with latest trends and technology.

A great example of this is Tic Tok which is a new Social App developed from late 2018. It has seen significant popularity with over 500 million users worldwide and currently the highest downloaded app across Android or Apple. Why … because it focuses on Video content only and that’s only possible because of 4G and 5G technology.

Digital Strategy – The Ongoing Battle for Supremacy

All the main channels are in an ongoing battle to stay ahead of each other and come up with the latest algorithmic tweak or the latest creative update or add-on that will bring a new dimension to their service. Just look at Facebook … what started as a simple Social Profile is now one of the biggest platforms in which video content is shared and consumed from what used to be profile messaging.

This means that even an optimised digital strategy will quickly become out of date. From experience, six months is a good time to audit and check your main channels. It’s a safe bet that there will have been some important changes within this period that will require you to adapt your strategy to stay current.

But it’s one thing planning this in; it’s quite another to know what you should be looking for!

Some SME’s have the peace of mind of having their digital marketing outsourced to an agency. However, if this is an unaffordable luxury to you then you can have the knowledge yourself by being an active user on these channels.

If this isn’t feasible because of time constraints, then having someone on-point in your company is simple to do. Have them check each social channel against your social media strategy every six months … it doesn’t take much time and could be the one thing that gives you an advantage over your competition or highlights why results have decreased or levelled off.

The good news is that these days advice is easy to get. There are many intermediaries and experts who love nothing more than to give free advice. If you don’t believe me, take a minute to Google ‘What’s new on (Inset social channel here)…and see for yourself!

Keeping on top of your digital strategy is hard, time-consuming work but it can pay off when you leave your competitors in your dirt! Taking a ‘DIY’ approach might be cheaper than using a professional but you might also miss opportunities so find a supplier that can help you take your strategy forward digitally.

Ideas for keeping on top of your digital strategy from Yorkshire Powerhouse

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Understanding customers and gaining feedback using digital marketing

Understanding customers and gaining feedback using digital marketing

Understanding customers & gaining feedback with digital marketing – asking questions and listening to honest answers whether you like it or not.

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Email Marketing

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