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Digital Marketing is hard work!

Editors Note: Expert content needs an expert content writer and Yorkshire Powerhouse is pleased to publish this business advice article on why Digital Marketing is hard work, kindly written by a real expert in his field – Manpreet Singh from Bobble Digital.

Please consider contacting Manpreet for any aspect of digital marketing or digital strategy – just click on the advert links above or below – and please mention Yorkshire Powerhouse if you do make contact.

The last few years has seen the ‘Business as usual’ standard raised for an organisation’s digital marketing plan.

The game has moved on.

The time has gone where a company can assume that its brand and customer loyalty will be enough in the long term.

Put simply, the mere existence and execution of a ‘normal’ marketing plan is now the baseline expectation. The new norm is for every organisation to have a strategy that covers all appropriate social channels as well as email…and the ability to measure and improve it through an analytical solution.

Regular social posts? Normal.

Frequent upgrading of web content? Everyone’s at it.

Emails going to GDPR checked database? Yawn.

You just need to look at LinkedIn these days to see that video content is everywhere, often with professional narration, subtitles, animation, even Virtual and Augmented reality. What was once disruptive is now de rigueur.

Whether it’s an event, a tactical campaign or a website, it is getting harder and harder to stand out from the crowd.

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Digital Marketing is hard work but it can be done well!

However, there are some great examples of innovative campaigning, from SMEs and enterprise organisation alike. And it doesn’t need to cost the earth.

Our advice is to take a moment to look at what your competition are doing. Take some time to have an honest conversation with a decent number of customers on what they think of your product or service. Better still, get someone else to do this instead of you! And don’t ignore your most difficult customer…in fact seek them out first.

And, with all this marketing noise that’s around, it’s more important than ever to get the basics right, especially for SMEs. Good customer service will never lose its value, and broadcasting how it is your organisation goes above and beyond for your customers is a must.

A final note: If you don’t think digital marketing is hard work, then the chances are in real terms you are falling behind your competition.

A quality, differentiated marketing plan should be a challenge.

There should be regular problems to solve.

It should take time.

If none of this feel like it applies to you, your competitors are probably overtaking you right now!

Digital Marketing is hard work … in these modern times you need to approach it in a full time, constantly updating way and the most practical and affordable solution to this is to consider a digital marketing apprentice – find expert suppliers who can help you recruit and support the best person for your business.

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