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Digital Marketing

The world of digital marketing is one of the fastest changing areas in the world of marketing today – often misunderstood and frequently misused … it offers exceptional speed, measurement and efficiency benefits when used well.  Digital Marketing is an ever-growing area that adds new strategies to its roster by the day

The main topics to consider within your digital marketing strategy include:

Search Engines

Organic search engine optimisation, the process itself is free but shrouded in the black arts of SEO / black hat & white hat techniques … and full of areas to get it wrong and end up black listed by Google!

Pay per click advertising, extraordinarily fast in establishing reputation and building leads but costs money, shrouded in more black arts from the digital community but you can target competitors, brand names, trade names and you have complete control over your budget.

E Mail Marketing

Commonly also called email nurturing, this is supposed to be passive and gentle communication to build your brand and awareness and not spam (which is simply trying to sell things using un-targeted, mass emailing).

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Social Media

The main platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. With others like Pinterest and Snapchat holding their own niches. The majority of the world uses Facebook so you shouldn’t be surprised that you can reach just about anyone on there. Instagram is more successful at promoting fashion products, Twitter uses a different communication format preferred by its users, and LinkedIn has a higher concentration of Business professionals.

Social Media Marketing: Utilising the power and connectivity of the popular social sites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.  Social marketing is one of the core areas of failure with businesses marketing … simply blasting sales messages rather than social messages will never work as a strategic approach.

Social Media Advertising: Paid advertising campaigns on social media allow you to reach millions of customers or shoppers online. With the right preparation and strategy you can join the thousands of businesses using Paid Digital to drive revenue.

Digital marketing is a science … experimentation is key but a controlled environment and discipline is essential.  Results should be measured and activity should be strategic to be truly effective!  Read more within this section to get a better understanding.

Experimenting in an amateur way is a complete waste of time and money, use genuine experts and judge them on results.  Speak to marketing consultants and experts who can show a proven track record, ask for recommendations and seek out testimonials.

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