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A guide to making the most out of your signage

Setting up a business isn’t cheap, nor is organising a rebrand.  So, you really must get it right first-time.

Good signage relies on a robust brand, but not only that, good signage will make a strong brand stronger through reinforcement.

Creating a strong brand

The linchpin to every popular brand is a powerful and recognisable logo. Keep it simple and make it smart, for example your logo needs to reflect what you do, but be easily memorable. Take Google, Coca-Cola and Virgin, they all use distinctive fonts and colours that are recognisable in any shortened form, whereas Mercedes, Apple and Nike have perfected the art of logo design by keeping it classically simple and strategically placing it everywhere.

Basically, keep it simple and select your colours and fonts wisely by taking into account all the places you will want to use it in the future. It will need to be adaptable. For example, if you are going to have company vehicles, a handwritten scrawling typeface won’t be great for vehicle graphics and the quick and valuable advertising exposure that is provided when you’re on the move.

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Once you have your brand sorted and ready to go, you will need to choose what types of advertising you’re going to use and complete your brand look with signs and graphics.

Here are our top tips on selecting a signage provider

  • Don’t choose a sign company based on price alone. Check the quality of the materials suit the environment and the longevity of your campaign or requirements.
  • Check the health and safety credentials of your provider. You have an obligation and responsibility to ensure the safety of any signage that’s installed so you need to be sure they’re doing it right.
  • Look at information on the British Signs & Graphics Association website. Members are reputable companies and the site has useful buyer tips.
  • Ask for recommendations
  • Look at customer reviews
  • Remember signage is an investment, which will pay dividends in terms of advertising exposure over many years if bought correctly.

Choosing the right signage for you

Signs and graphics come in all shapes and sizes from exhibition displays to vehicle wraps, fascia signs to bespoke wallpaper.

If you are an established business conducting a rebrand, you will already have an idea of the type of signage that will need replacing, but now is also the time to think about transforming your look completely with new signs and graphics that will wow your staff and your customers.

If you are just starting out you will need to prioritise and manage your budget carefully by choosing what signage is essential and will fit your needs best.

Signage made with good quality materials will last for years and so is an important investment for your new business. But how do you choose what’s the best solution?

A specialist sign company will be able to offer advice and you can search online for lots of photographic examples of things that you like.

The most popular types of signage include:

Vehicle graphics

If you use a car or van for your business then van or car graphics are an absolute must. Thousands of people will view a vehicle on the road every day and it is one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising available. A picture says a thousand words so use large graphics wherever possible for great visibility and awareness of your brand. Use contrasting colours and make sure your logo is big and bold!

Exterior signs

If you operate from business premises then you’ll need some kind of exterior sign. There are many options, too many to list! Perhaps you’ll want a large fascia sign or a subtler plaque or even a free-standing totem sign. More portable solutions are also available, including A-Boards and other pavement furniture or display cases, point of sale solutions or even flags.

In a survey of 1000 businesses in June 2016, over 80% said that they would replace an exterior sign within 2 weeks if it went missing. A great demonstration of the power of signage for a business.

Interior signs

These can be used to help designate different areas or departments and way-finding and directional signs are essential if you receive regular visitors to your business. Plus, a welcoming entrance and reception area is the best way to gain a positive first impression. Why not also brighten up workspaces by using printed wallpaper graphics or mounted displays on large areas of wall space? Health and safety signs are also a legal requirement for all businesses and your chosen sign company can advise on what’s necessary for your environment.

Temporary and portable signs

If you’re trying to spread the word about your business then a portable banner display is a great way to take your marketing message to different locations. There are outside options available too, including PVC banners or flags, pavement furniture and even bespoke unique point of sale displays.

Signage has so many purposes and is flexible enough to suit your each and every need. Plus, with 99% of businesses surveyed agreeing that good quality and attractive signs and graphics help to give a positive first impression of a business, it is a promotional opportunity not to be missed.

Good, impactful and large signage is always effective at establishing your brand – use professionals and experts to ensure you benefit from the highest levels of graphic design and quality signage.

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