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Photography for your business – how to stand out easily

The barrier to entry into many business models is lower than it has ever been. In the age of digital, anyone with a computer and the internet can set up and start trading.

You don’t even need to pay for your website anymore, with options like Wix etc. available at your disposal. That means conversely you are competing with more people than ever to be the ‘one’ people think of for your service or product.

Whenever there are a lot of people doing one thing, it’s common knowledge that a large percentage of those people, quite honestly will be inept at what they do, much like the interview process some people are good at blagging but have very little substance.  This creates a massive opportunity for you to make small adjustments to stand out and be seen as the best option, one area that fits in with this idea is your website photography.

Photography for your business – the opportunity

Most people starting out a new business will opt for either stock images or camera phone photographs, it makes sense, you need to set up with the lowest cost possible and these offer you that.  The problem is most DIY websites out there that fit this category are picking the wrong ones or taking extremely poor photographs.

To stand out as the best you need to look the best.   If you are a HR company then having a background of water or a surfer just plucked from the internet is, at best confusing, at worst its damaging to your brand by blatantly showing you have opted for the cheap route. This thinking and resulting perception applies to any business model and doesn’t just relate to using the wrong category of photo.  If you are a one person business and based in the UK, having a photo with many employees who are obviously American feels like a lie, “if they’re lying about that what else will they be lying about” is a legitimate question people will ask themselves without even realising it.

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In today’s world, authenticity means a lot, show a true representation of yourself and your business with photography for your business that speaks directly to who you are. Photographers can cost a hell of a lot, or they can be found on a budget, even spending a little to update your look will pay off in the end. So below are some top tips for updating your web presence through photographs.

Photography for your business – tips for updatings your web presence

1. Stock Images

If you are limited on budget and feel you have to use stock images, then choose ones that suit not just the tag line represented, but your overall theme. For instance we see a lot of people who may use a tag line such as “we are offer a flexible approach for each customer” which will be coupled with a photo of the ocean. It makes no sense to anyone but water is a highly popular header image across the internet. Replace this with one that is more relevant to your customers, use the products they are looking for, e.g. an IT company should use customers talking to an account manager at a computer to highlight this instead.

2. Illustration

Another option for using stock imagery is to go with illustration, this gives you huge flexibility in what you can use and the ideas you can convey, the main requirement is that you stay consistent, don’t use various different illustration styles that don’t match up with your overall brand. Pick one style, with colours that match your identity and use this throughout your website. Consistency is king.

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3. Bespoke photography for your business

Finally, your best option is to hire a photographer for a half/full day and build up a full library of your own photos to use over time.  It will cost you a little more than a one hour shoot, but in terms of overall use you will get so much more benefit from it.

Firstly look at your website overall, where do you need new photos, make a list of the types of shots you need for these.

Then look at your overall marketing endeavours such as social media and print etc. that you will be planning in the near future, make a comprehensive list of what you will be doing and what images you really need to convey the message.

Once you have this you can arrange a day to get all of the shots you need, organise with your clients to turn up at a certain time and take shots with them.  This is beneficial for both parties, its free advertising for them on your website which will add to their own brand awareness and adds an extra level of trust to your own marketing material.  Make sure to have your own branded clothing on full display through the shoot. This way you will have more photographs than you need straight away, but over time you’ll be able to use them and keep all of your content looking fresh.

Now it’s time to take the plunge, if you need a photographer the database of local photographers on this website is a great place to start.

Creating the right image and brand for your business is essential if you want to be notices – find an branding expert who can help you with clarity and direction – they’ll be able to brief photographers and will be able to make recommendations to suit your budget.

Straight talking advice on getting the right Photography for your business

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