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What makes a great logo?

A great logo is like your face, it’s the first aspect many people will see when it comes to your brand, so it’s important to get it right from the start. There are 3 important aspects to keep in mind when designing your logo, simplicity, versatility and suitability.

Simplicity – There’s a wonderful acronym when it comes to designing a great logo:

K.I.S.S. … “Keep it simple, stupid”

This works on the premise that all processes work best in their simplest form.

If you aren’t a trained graphic designer it’s easy to get lost in the idea that your logo should be detailed and show every aspect of your business, but think about your favourite logos for a second, they are more than likely a simple icon that is quite distinctive but may not even necessarily let you know what the business is about without context.

There are also thousands of great logos which are purely text based.

The most important aspect here is for a great logo to be easily recognisable at a glance and in a small format. Make sure any logo proposals you’re given don’t include any photography or overly complex items.

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Versatility – There are a hundred and one places your logo can be seen these days; on posters, business cards, banners, social media posts, videos and an unlimited variety of places.

Some designers don’t supply you with enough logo variations to actually apply to every instance you need. Make sure your designer supplies you with both colour as well as black and white versions. They should also supply you with different usable file types including PDF, JPEG, PNG and EPS files.  This will ensure no matter what you need to do with your logo you will have the right format for the job.

Lastly you need your new logo supplying in at least 3 versions, a landscape / portrait version, a box version and an icon only version. Any designer worth consulting won’t have a problem with this request.

Suitability – A great logo doesn’t have to explicitly represent your business or what you do, but it does have to suit your audience.

If what you do is sells childrens toys then using a corporate typeface and serious style logo would be awful. In the same way if your business sells building supplies, using a childish icon would be the wrong choice for your logo. Colours, style, typefaces and language should all be aimed at your audience.  We’ve written an article about designing a logo and it includes a section on briefing a designer.

How to get a great logo? Use a great designer!

There are many options out there when it comes to logo design, we recommend getting quotes from various designers and discussing the principles covered above with them.  Don’t let price be the deciding factor.  Think about any DIY work you’ve had done on your house, if your friends nephew did it for free would it be as good a job as hiring a professional?

Remember your logo should only form one part of your overall brand – take a look at our article on branding your business.

Your logo is an essential part of building a strong business so you need a great logo to work hard for you – use a skilled graphic designer who can help create the logo and branding your business needs.

Blunt advice on getting a great logo for your business

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