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Top 4 free resources for marketing your business

Marketing a business can be hard work but if you know where to look, there are some amazing free resources for marketing now available that will help you keep costs down and quality high.

Free photos

There a few sites offering free photos.  Two that we’re familiar with include:

Pixabay because it has a great search function and selection.  You can search not only by keywords but also by photo or drawing and by portrait or landscape.

Unsplash because of the slightly higher quality of the images – but you lose the filtering that Pixabay provide.

Both are totally free to use with no obligation to provide any attribution.  Both provide clear information that they are acceptable for commercial use (subject to minor rules) and you can use them in blogs, articles, emails, printed materials, adverts, etc.

The photo above is from Unsplash as an example.

Thinking about marketing your business?

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Free videos

Powtoons have great templates which are easy to update and lots of examples and help on their website. The templates cover all sorts of themes and styles and allow you to drop in your own text, photos and logos.  There are plenty of examples illustrating all these aspects on their website.  It is really easy to add a spoken soundtrack and they provide a range of free music tracks which you can use on their own if you don’t want to record a voice over.

Most big companies use it and it is really simple to get going, so why not trial bringing video into your marketing?

Professional soundtracks

Powtoons recommended Audacity as a free, easy to edit way to produce voice overs.  It is as easy to edit as a word document. The thinking here is that having a spoken commentary will increase the results you achieve with your video but it is also critical to have written text as so many people open them on their phones with no sound.

Headlines that get results

If you are sending an email or designing an advert it is critical to get a strong headline to attract attention.

The Advanced Marketing Institute provide a free tool that helps you get the headline right.  You write a headline, decide who you think is the key audience and select them from a list, press go and it comes up with a % score based on the words you use and their Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) calculated by the software. The headline for this article has a score of 50.00%. A good headline has a score of at least 30%. If you are reading this it worked!

Remember that the marketing your business uses should be deployed based on a strategic plan, targeting the right customer with the right message, at the right time and using the right channels.  If your business markets itself in a haphazard way then it might be time to seek professional help and to implement a strategic plan.

Free resources for marketing and blunt advice from Yorkshire Powerhouse

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