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5 Essential Elements To Improve Your Social Brand Value

Your brand now lives within a wide range of platforms, from traditional signage, business stationery and website to ever expanding social media and digital channels.

It can become hard to keep everything consistent and “on brand” in an age where we are constantly trying to push content and be first in line for a customer’s attention.

It can become tempting to use print and our websites for more considered / intelligent branded pieces, while we simply ‘push content’ out through social media in a bid to be seen and be noisy.

However, if you want to be remembered for everything you do, it’s important to keep your social brand value consistent across all platforms and environments.

Here are our top 5 tips to improve and retain your social brand value.

1 – Work from a Social Brand Value Plan

As tempting as it can be to be reactive within social media, everything should work from a plan, even a loose plan. Create a calendar of events or talking pieces you will put out, including the thought of the day pieces, plan for the random moments.

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2 – Create patterns

Humans love patterns and consistency, within each platform create blocks of content that work with each other. The best view of this comes from Instagram … when you view a profile you’re given a grid of images.  Blocks of content that work together feel much more harmonious and professional. When putting out content work to a set grid, e.g. three blocks will have a white background, the next three will have a black background.

3 – Always use a call to action

Within each post you should utilise a call to action. What do you want your viewer to do after they’ve seen your post? Within each image you should have a clear step, e.g. visit your website or email. Within the body text you can expand on this with more detail. Don’t leave your viewer confused as to what to do next. If your post was simply to be helpful, let them know that you offer these services if they don’t have the time or confidence to carry them out personally.

4 – Use real photos

Your brand isn’t just a name, logo, fonts or colours … it’s a handshake with your customers, a feeling of trust when someone interacts with any aspect of your business. Build trust by giving insights into your world, from award evenings to client meetings and fun in the office, photos are a great way for people to make a connection with your brand without actually meeting you.

5 – Watermark your work

A watermarked logo within your posts is a simple way to reinforce your brand message, all you need is a transparent PNG of your logo (any graphic designer could help you with this!) and you can overlay this from a number of mobile and online apps for free without technical knowledge. It will also stop others from ripping off your post.

Resources to help you maintain your Social Brand Value

There are a wealth of free resources available to help you create consistent branded posts, here are just a few we recommend looking into:

Canva – A simple graphic design tool that will enable you to layout branded images using text, photography and icons.

Gravit Designer – A full-featured graphic design platform allowing for the creation of complex designs.

Adobe Spark – Create rich social media images with photos and text that really show off your brand.

Pablo by Buffer – A very simple but effective design platform for creating social images.

WordSwag – This tool allows you to create simple text over photography images to increase your social post appeal.

Approaching your branding should be taken with the same level of seriousness as approaching your business planning and marketing planning – the more serious you take it the better it becomes!

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