Keeping in contact with everyone – 2 ways to get started

Keeping in contact with everyone – 2 ways to get started

This is always a difficult one – you’ll notice in your personal life how you can go days or weeks and sometimes months (just me then) without speaking to a certain person or group. Life takes over and we get focussed on a new thing and we forget!

There are two main tools to use within your business for keeping in contact – and they should be integrated.

The first is a CRM

Your business contacts database, it stores all those customers, suppliers, enquiries, potentials and people you’ve met along your business journey.

One rule of thumb that I advise my clients is that every person/entry in the CRM needs to have a task or action attached to it. If not, it will disappear and you will forget them unless they remember you.

One action could be to add a follow up call in 1, 6, 12 months. That could be a call or an email.

Create a touchpoint system – maybe identify ‘groups’ who would benefit from certain information that you have access to every 3 months and send them a ‘saw this and thought of you’, ‘thought this might be of interest’.

Keeping top of mind is important as time goes on. Remember, they will be meeting people that do what you do all the time and you want them to be your go-to person for what you do; not some new kid on the block.

The second is a Mailing Platform

Setting up a regular Newsletter and adding contacts to your mailing list (obviously for GDPR you need to get their permission so you may send them an email with the link to sign up initially) or a verbal request is sufficient. The premise is that there is an opt out/cancel option on each email you send via such a platform (there are many around such as MailchimpConstant ContactConvertkitAweber to name a few).

Sending regular communications keeps you top of mind and they are reminded of you and your services. Even if they delete – they are still registering your existence before doing so.

Using your Email Newsletter for the areas of marketing – educating, informing, entertaining and then 20% for sales.

Slotting the content in with your marketing plan and supporting your online and offline activities – it’s a great addition to one of your 7 pillars of marketing.

Bringing outsourced administrative and marketing assistance into your business can give you the time to plan, strategise and grow – find an expert who you can work with and embrace their abilities and skill.

Grow your business with a virtual administrator and avoid the costs of traditional recruitment.

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